OpenAir at SXSW: Colorado Music Party

(Photo: CPR / OpenAir)
<p>Steele & Colfax</p>
photo: CO Music Party lineup Thurs

I mention that because you don't always get that experience during a festival as chaotic as this. I appreciated signage next to each stage with the name of the band that was performing to know exactly who you were seeing. All the details were thoughtful, and cheers to the team for choosing to fly the Colorado Music Party flag at half-mast out of respect to the lives lost and those affected by the deadly car accident the night before.

photo: WSC at CO Music Party
Wheelchair Sports Camp

Nowadays it seems you can measure the connection the audience makes during a band's performance by how many mobile devices are held in the air photographing their experience. Wheelchair Sports Camp brought the house down with their current all-star Colorado lineup which consisted of a DJ, upright bass, and the guys from Rubedo on drums, keys, and guitar. At one point, I turned around to see how many people were watching the show and there was sea of phones held in the air.