Interview: The stars of “American Idiot”

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(Photo: Jermey Daniel)
<p>Dan Tracy (Tunny), Jared Nepute (Johnny) and Casey O&#039;Farrell (Will)</p>
photo: American Idiot musical
Dan Tracy (Tunny), Jared Nepute (Johnny) and Casey O'Farrell (Will)

Guests Casey O’Farrell (Will) is an original Broadway cast member has been performing as this character for two years along with Jared Nepute (Johnny) and Dan Tracy (Tunny), who have been a part of the musical for seven months. Since this is the final stop of the production, they tell host Alisha Sweeney about a few guests who will be at these final shows, plus they reveal embarrassing moments onstage and what they've been listening to.

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