The Antlers, Hotel

· Jun. 16, 2014, 3:35 pm

Download the single "Hotel" from Brooklyn based band The Antlers' fourth studio album "Familiars" that will be released June 17 on ANTI records.

It's been almost three years since we've heard from The Antlers, and frontman Peter Silberman is back with his trademark slow-burning indie rock.

Their sophomore album "Hospice" was the first album from The Antlers as a trio, and it tackled the tough themes of abortion, cancer, and death as a conceptual album about a hospice worker who falls in love with a dying patient, and even though it bummed people out (in the best possible way), it was met with critical acclaim. Their third album "Burst Apart" marked a move away from the bleakness of Hospice, but maintained the breathtaking elegance Silberman is known for. 

On this latest release, lyrically, Silberman focuses on overcoming one's past self, accompanied by lengthy and haunting soundscapes that include everything from synthesizers to horns.

Download "Hotel" above.

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