The Still Tide at OpenAir

August 11, 2014

photo: The Still Tide at OpenAirThe Still Tide is the songwriting project of Denver musician Anna Morsett, who also works as a guitar technician and plays bass with local favorites Ark Life. The latter project is remarkable for its easygoing Americana vibes, but The Still Tide demonstrates a different side of Morsett, one more severe and personal.

Morsett and her band stopped into the CPR Performance Studio last month for a session before the UMS, where Morsett had a full itinerary with Ark Life, Natalie Tate, and The Still Tide.

In addition to playing a new song, she chatted with Keefer Fulgham about the project's confusing Shakespearean old name, raising money for a music video via Kickstarter, and crafting a unique sound through her alternate guitar tunings.

Stream the session above. 

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