Retrofit remembers Woodstock with rarities

· Aug. 15, 2014, 6:00 am
photo: Woodstock crowd(Photo: Wilcox-Neagle)
It's Woodstock's 45th Anniversary!  Don't laugh (or even think about approaching the brown acid!); promoters are already planning the Woodstock Semicentennial for 2019.
On Retrofit this week we'll stray from the beaten path in our tie-dyed VW bus, and focus our black lights on some Woodstock Rarities, in other words, not the signature playlist that was handed down on the original soundtrack.
Tune in to Retrofit on Saturday, August 16 at 5 p.m., and again on Sunday, August 17 at noon.
To get ready to get your stardust golden billion year of carbon selves back to the garden, here's a sampling of what to expect...


(Sidebar: 10 Icons Who Missed Woodstock)
  1. Joni Mitchell. Manager convinced her a better choice would be to appear on Dick Cavett's TV show.
  2. John Lennon. Allegedly denied entry from Canada by U.S. officials. 
  3. Bob Dylan. Child in the hospital.
  4. Led Zeppelin. Booking conflict, had to play Jersey.
  5. Jeff Beck. Group broke up at a bad time.
  6. Frank Zappa.  Put off by the rainy forecast.
  7. Jethro Tull. Quote from Ian Anderson, "I don't like hippies."
  8. Iron Butterfly. Couldn't get their equipment in, or helicopter transport.
  9. Rolling Stones. Mick was shooting "Ned Kelly" in Australia.
  10. The Doors.  Unclear, apparently Morrison didn't like playing outdoors. Or death threats.

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