Retrofit remembers Woodstock with rarities

photo: Woodstock crowd

  1. Joni Mitchell. Manager convinced her a better choice would be to appear on Dick Cavett's TV show.
  2. John Lennon. Allegedly denied entry from Canada by U.S. officials.
  3. Bob Dylan. Child in the hospital.
  4. Led Zeppelin. Booking conflict, had to play Jersey.
  5. Jeff Beck. Group broke up at a bad time.
  6. Frank Zappa. Put off by the rainy forecast.
  7. Jethro Tull. Quote from Ian Anderson, "I don't like hippies."
  8. Iron Butterfly. Couldn't get their equipment in, or helicopter transport.
  9. Rolling Stones. Mick was shooting "Ned Kelly" in Australia.
  10. The Doors. Unclear, apparently Morrison didn't like playing outdoors. Or death threats.