Kids Music Week: Sonic youth milestones

(Photo: Eric Hanson / Harmony Books)
<p>Jack White</p>

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Many of our biggest music names got their start on a musical life path in their formative years. Here’s a sampling of ages and the events that affected the artist:

Age 4

  • Mick Jagger meets Keith Richards, also age 4. (1947)
  • Jerry Garcia, attempting to chop wood, removes the top of his right middle finger. (1948)

Age 5

  • John Lennon is expelled from kindergarten. (1946)
  • Trent Reznor begins playing piano. (1970)

Age 6

  • Ray Charles loses his sight. (1937)

Age 7

  • Tammy Wynette is a cotton picker on her grandparents’ Mississippi farm. (1949)

Age 8

  • Duke Ellington begins piano lessons. (1907)
  • Hank Williams receives a guitar for his birthday. (1931)

Age 9

  • Paul Simon becomes interested in singing in 4th grade after hearing his classmate, Art Garfunkel. (1950)
  • Recovering from polio, Joni Mitchell enjoys singing for other patients in a children’s hospital. (1953)
  • Kurt Cobain takes up residence in his father’s trailer following his parents’ divorce. (1976)
photo: Elvis Presley as child
Elvis Presley
  • Elvis Presley takes 2nd place in the youth talent contest at a fair in Tupelo, Mississippi, singing “Old Shep.” (1945)

Age 11

  • Stevie Wonder signs with Motown. (1961)
  • Michael Jackson earns his first gold record for “I Want You Back.” (1969)
  • The bicycle Elvis Presley wants for his birthday is too expensive, so he receives a $12.95 guitar instead. (1946)
photo: Jack White as child
Jack White
  • Paul McCartney meets George Harrison, 11. (1954)
  • David Byrne is rejected from his middle school choir because they claimed he was "off-key and too withdrawn.” (1964)
  • Jack White appears uncredited as an altar boy in The Rosary Murders (1987).
  • Annie Clark (St. Vincent) begins playing guitar. (1994)

Age 13

  • Frankie Lymon records “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” with the Teenagers. (1955)
  • Judy Garland signs a $100 a week contract with MGM. (1935)

Age 14

  • Hank Williams wins a talent contest in Montgomery, Alabama. (1937)
  • Ahmet Ertegun (future founder of Atlantic Records) receives a record cutting machine from his mother. (1937)
  • Aretha Franklin makes her first record. (1956)
  • Paul McCartney receives a trumpet for his birthday. He trades it for a guitar. (1956)

Age 15

  • Billie Holliday sings in a bar in New York. (1930)
  • Jerry Garcia picks up his first guitar. (1957)
  • Jimi Hendrix does the same. (1958)
  • Ozzy Osbourne leaves school. ”When I left school I wanted to become a plumber. When I heard the Beatles I wanted to become a Beatle.” (1963)

Age 16

  • John Lennon meets Paul McCartney. (1956)
  • Alex Chilton sings lead for the Boxtops on their #1 hit “The Letter” (1967)
  • Lorde records “Royals.” (2013)