Watch “OpenAir Live & Local” Saturday nights at 9:30 on CPT12

photo: CPT12 Ark Life
Ark Life

Colorado Public Radio and Colorado Public Television (CPT12) have teamed up to produce “OpenAir Live & Local,” a 13 episode TV program showcasing local bands that have recorded in the CPR Performance Studio.

The season finale of "OpenAir Live & Local" airs Saturday, Jan. 27 at 9:30 p.m., when Alisha Sweeney will host performances from Sawmill Joe, Esme Patterson, Ark Life and more.

You can also catch up on previous episodes of "OpenAir Live & Local" below:

Episode One (Sept. 27, 2014): Jessi hosts Gregory Alan Isakov, Sawmill Joe, and more

Episode Two (Oct. 4, 2014): Mike hosts Paper Bird, Inner Oceans, and more

Episode Three (Oct. 11, 2014): Alisha hosts Born in the Flood, Patrick Dethlefs, and more

Episode Four (Oct. 25, 2014): Jessi hosts SHEL, Esme Patterson, In the Whale, and more

Episode Five (Nov. 1): Mike hosts You Me & Apollo, Dragondeer, Wheelchair Sports Camp and more

Episode Six (Nov. 8, 2014): Alisha hosts Rob Drabkin, The Yawpers, Mosey West and more

Episode Seven (Nov. 15): Jessi hosts The Outfit, Born in the Flood, The Ned Garthe Explosion and more

Episode Eight (Nov. 22, 2014): Mike hosts Bonnie & the Beard, Glowing House, Dragondeer and more

Episode Nine (Dec. 20, 2014): Alisha hosts Covenhoven, Wire Faces, Paper Bird and more

Episode 10 (Dec. 27, 2014): Jessi hosts Varlet, The Other Black, Elin Palmer and more

Episode 11 (Jan. 3, 2015): Mike hosts Ark Life, Esme Patterson, Science Partner and more

Episode 12 (Jan. 10, 2015): Alisha hosts The Yawpers, Petals of Spain, SHEL and more