Video Premiere: Glowing House, “Don’t Know How”

· Oct. 8, 2014, 7:55 pm

Watch the brand new video for Glowing House's "Don't Know How" above, exclusively through OpenAir.

The Denver folk group will release a new three-track EP on Oct. 11 via a house show in the band's backyard. Poet's Row will open. Tickets are available via the band's website.

"Don't Know How" is the second song on the EP. It was recorded live at Metropolis Coffee in Denver. Vocalist and guitarist Steve Varney says of the video:

Our bass player, Neil, works [at Metropolis] and we were allowed to lug in all our stuff after closing time and we got to work recording. Generally, what you see is the actual performance you hear on the record.

We plan on including things like this for each EP that we do in the near future, especially for anything we choose to do live - all part of our plan to get music / other content out to people more frequently.

Watch videos from our recent CPR Performance Studio session with Glowing House via our YouTube page.

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