‘Ghost Brothers of Darkland County’ comes alive at Denver’s Buell Theatre

(Photo: courtesy of the Buell Theatre)
Photo: Ghost Brothers of Darkland County poster

Temple Hoyne Buell Theatre on Monday Dec. 1.

The musical is a collaboration 16 years in the making with his friend musician John Mellencamp. They came together to tell the tragic tale of two older brothers fighting over the same woman. Based on a true story, the musical takes place in Mississippi and is told through King's biting humor and Mellencamp's rousing score.

The music comes full circle through the direction of T. Bone Burnett. His signature style of eerie blues and roots music is apparent throughout the score, which features Elvis Costello, Neko Case and even Mellencamp himself.

The musical stars actor Billy Burke (the "Twilight" saga) and Gina Gershon ("Face/Off").

Honestly I don't know what to expect from the musical. I just know that when we started playing the soundtrack a few years ago, my love of the show's creators has me really looking forward to seeing it onstage.

Watch the trailer below: