Burger Records brings long-lost garage band The Sloths ‘back from the grave’

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Photo: The Sloths press
The Sloths

Five decades ago, Tommy McLoughlin started up a band with his friends when he was a teenager in Los Angeles.

In two short years from 1964 to 1966, his band The Sloths played numerous hometown shows along the Sunset Strip opening up for acts The Doors and Eric Burdon & the Animals. They also recorded a 7" single for their song "Makin' Love" that would never get played on the radio then because of its racy tone.

The Sloths are now regarded as one of the great lost garage bands of all time.

After a long hiatus, the band has reunited this year and will release their first full length album "The Sloths Back From The Grave" on Burger/Lollipop Records this spring. They're also heading out on tour including stopping by the Hi-Dive here in Denver on March 10!

Alisha Sweeney talked with McLoughlin on re-living the band's teenage dreams five decades later as they ready their debut album.

Listen to the interview above.