Megan Burtt Previews New Album ‘The Bargain’ At OpenAir

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Photo: Megan Burtt and OpenAir
Megan Burtt and her band

Denver singer-songwriter Megan Burtt and her band stopped into the CPR Performance Studio recently to play songs from her new album, "The Bargain."

Burtt has had a busy year. She performed her songs with the Colorado Symphony in May and played at the Underground Music Showcase in July. Now, she's ready to put out her latest record at a release show at the Oriental Theater on Saturday.

Burtt performed four songs from "The Bargain" at OpenAir. She also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about the personal nature of the album, shooting the music video for "Fast As I Go" and the experience of having the Colorado Symphony as her backing band.

Stream the full session above and read highlights from the interview below:

On the personal themes behind "The Bargain"

"The songs are pretty personal. They're about this big health crisis I went through which is hard to talk about. I didn't ever want to frame it as a pity party or something like that. I got to a point where I was ready to talk about it. I felt comfortable to write those songs ... in a way that was more universally accessible. "

On driving a vintage Mustang for the "Fast As I Go" music video:

"It was a little nerve-wrecking. The stick shift is all the original parts and the owner was in the back laying down with a walkie-talkie, yelling instructions for the video crew in front of me. It's his car, I'm driving it and I was wishing I was back in driver's ed, like, 'Don't mess up!'"

Songs performed:

  • "The Bargain"
  • "Was It Love"
  • "Fast As I Go"
  • "Real Thing"