Covenhoven Previews ‘The Wild & Free’ At OpenAir

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Photo: Covenhoven Performs At OpenAir

Joel Van Horne used his grandfather's cabin in Wyoming as the inspiration for his 2013 debut album as Covenhoven. The Colorado-based musician writes and records most of his music by himself in rustic settings that inspire him.

His new album "The Wild and Free" is out this month. It's based on his time spent in the national parks of eastern Utah and it was recorded in the very cabin that inspired the first Covenhoven album.

We welcomed Van Horne and his band into the CPR Performance Studio to perform four songs from the new album. He also spoke about the story behind the new album. Stream the performance and interview above and read highlights below.

Additionally, Covenhoven is offering up the album as a free stream prior to the record release show at Syntax Physic Opera on Sept. 19. Listen via the playlist above. [audio is no longer available]

On the recurring themes of the Covenhoven project:

"I’m on this thematic road where I’m tying the music that I write to some time and place. This is the second installment and who knows what the future holds, but that’s the idea I’m exploring right now. Maybe the next one will be two weeks at sea or something."

On recording in a secluded Wyoming cabin:

What I really loved about it was that we have this big picture window that looks out on the forest. I set up my mic right there and a chair and the drum set up in that same spot.

"Being able to just stare out of the window and watch the birds fly by and see the trees swaying in the breeze, that's a much better situation to be recording and be creatively inspired in than what often times a studio is: no windows, dark, with a sterile feeling at times."

Songs performed:

  • "Lantern"
  • "Past Life"
  • "See You In The Spring"
  • "The Wild and Free"