The Milk Blossoms Perform ‘Ukulele Trip-hop’ At OpenAir, Talk Gender Roles In Music

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Photo: The Milk Blossoms Perform At OpenAir
The Milk Blossoms

The Milk Blossoms, a trio from Denver, made their debut in the CPR Performance Studio recently.

The band blends ukulele, keyboard and vocal beatboxing for a singular take on experimental pop. In addition to performing four songs, the members spoke with Aaron 'Loki' Johnson about how a high school rivalry transformed into a musical collaboration, the vitality of music education for young females and the role of gender fluidity in the musical climate of 2015.

The band's debut album "Worrier" is due out in October.

Stream the session above and read interview highlights below.

On the band's name:

"We like that milk spoils and blossoms wilt ... before that happens, that's our space in our music."

On their experience as gender fluid musicians:

"I have this teacher. She signs all of her emails as her first initial and last name because she doesn’t feel comfortable with putting her name in case that maybe because she's a female, people wont hire her. I think doing organizations like [Girls Rock Denver] that are gender specific or at least female oriented are the work that will help her sign whatever name she identifies with.

"We're very gender fluid ... in 2015 gender fluidity is very important and real."

Songs performed:

  • "Walking Back"
  • "Greyhound"
  • "Holy Dim"
  • "Catalyst"