Danielle Ate The Sandwich Joins Forces With The 303 Choir At OpenAir

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Photo: Danielle Ate The Sandwich with 303 Choir
Danielle Ate The Sandwich (left) with 303 Choir

Danielle Ate The Sandwich, the performing moniker of Fort Collins singer-songwriter Danielle Anderson, teamed up with the Denver children's chorale 303 Choir in our CPR Performance Studio this month.

The 303 Choir is the brainchild of conductor Travis Branam who works with young vocalists. He trains the young choir members to learn the music of Colorado musicians to prepare them for a live performance with the selected artist. Anderson, the latest of these local collaborators, will take the stage with the Choir at the King Center Recital Hall on Sept. 21.

We were lucky to get all the performers in our studio to play two songs. Aaron 'Loki' Johnson spoke with Anderson, Branam and some of the child musicians about how the collaboration came about and the opportunities that the 303 Choir provides for young musicians.

Stream the full session above and read interview highlights below.

Branam on the unique nature of the 303 Choir program:

"One of the big differences is that a lot of chorale music programs in schools ... has fallen into the mold of more of an academic experience and a skill building experience, which has its place, but there is a human element that I think is missing.

"I wanted to bring kids and artists together in a way that was really authentic and to help kids understand that people making this music, they’re real people. They’re members of your community and you can interact with them."

Anderson on what she loves about the 303 Choir:

"I like that Travis inspires them to move around and feel music. Like he was saying, with chorale music and most choirs it’s like: 'Stand in place. Stand up straight. Don’t move, don’t groove.'

"That’s always such a shame to me because I feel like music is such a full body experience and should be felt through your body."

Songs performed:

  • "Morning Glories"
  • "Faith in a Man"