The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers Perform At OpenAir, Talk Playing Gospel At Rock Venues

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Photo: The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers Perform At OpenAir
The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers

The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers came into the CPR Performance Studio before a recent show at Denver's Hi-Dive.

The project began in 2010 when roommates Will Wadsworth and Jeremy Horton began hosting music jams in their Los Angeles home. Each week they gathered a different group of friends to play their favorite American folk and gospel songs.

The group eventually solidified into five core members who began writing original material and performing outside of the house as The Eagle Rock Gospel Singers. This year the band released its debut album "Heavenly Fire."

Stream the session above and read interview highlights below.

On playing gospel and blues music in rock clubs:

"We really love a lot of the old gospel traditions that came out of the United States over the years, African-American and Caucasian traditions.

"We’re trying to share what we love … with people that are outside the church because we just believe that it’s such good music that we think that other people might enjoy it! It doesn’t have to be restricted to Sunday mornings."

Songs performed:

  • "No Apologies"
  • "Crying"
  • "MMLJ"