Mass Gothic, ‘Every Night You’ve Got To Save Me’

February 15, 2016

Mass Gothic is the new project of New York artist Noel Heroux, who fronted the rock outfit Hooray For Earth for nearly a decade. Heroux endured a period of creative stagnation that led to the band's dissolution in 2014.

Seeking a new musical outlet, Heroux began writing and recording at home. In a span of four months, he had written and recorded a full album, which he released this month as the self-titled debut of Mass Gothic via the renowned Sub Pop label.

The song "Every Night You've Got To Save Me" is an energetic pop song featuring doo-wop vocals and heavy grunge guitar.

Download "Every Night You've Got To Save Me" via the link above. Mass Gothic performs at Lost Lake Lounge on Feb. 18.

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