Gordon Gano Of Violent Femmes Praises Denver Music Ensemble, Restaurant

<p>(Photo: courtesy of the artist)</p>
<p>Violent Femmes</p>

Gordon Gano of alternative rock band Violent Femmes moved to Colorado a few years ago. In a recent inteview with The Guardian, he showed some love for two local cultural establishments.

Gano picked Denver 's El Taco De Mexico as his current favorite restaurant, citing "the best cheese enchilada I’ve ever had."

He also praised a recent performance of George Crumb's "Black Angels" by Denver's Playground Ensemble. "I think it’s beautifully written with all this air and space," Gano says. "It’s not an onslaught of dense madness; there’s a real intelligence to all these different sounds that are happening."

Listen to CPR's recent story on the Playground Ensemble's collaboration with composer Loretta Notareschi. The group performed the piece alongside "Black Angels."

Watch the video for Violent Femmes' "Gone Daddy Gone" below.