Fruit Bats, ‘From A Soon-To-Be Ghost Town’

Fruit Bats frontman Eric D. Johnson announced in late 2013 that he was dismantling the band to focus his solo project EDJ and film score work. As it turns out, the split was short-lived: The Chicago-based Fruit Bats are back with the new album "Absolute Loser," out May 13.

The first single, "From A Soon-To-Be Ghost Town," is a catchy and uptempo folk-rock song with percussive piano chords and Johnson's memorable tenor vocals. It's an immediate standout in Fruit Bats' 15-year catalog.

Fruit Bats perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on May 28 and at Larimer Lounge on May 29.

Download "From A Soon-To-Be Ghost Town" via the link above.