DeVotchKa Teams Up With The Colorado Symphony Once Again

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

For the fifth year in a row, Denver band DeVotchKa will take the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre with the Colorado Symphony. The show takes place Thursday night, with openers Ozomatli and comedian Josh Blue.

Days before the concert, DeVotchKa joined us in the CPR Performance Studio with three symphony members. In addition to performing a couple of songs, singer Nick Urata and drummer Shawn King spoke with Alisha Sweeney about their relationship with Red Rocks over the years, including the time Urata spent as a towel boy at the famous Colorado venue.

They also gave a few hints about a forthcoming new album, their follow-up to 2011's "100 Lovers."

Stream the session above and watch the band play "The Clockwise Witness" above. Read interview highlights below.

Urata on his time as a Red Rocks employee:

"I used to work there as a towel boy. So my relationship has gone the full circle.

"I saw Van Halen. They were amazing. It was funny because that night there was a big thunderstorm going on out on the Front Range, and the crowd would randomly cheer when there was lightning and thunder. You could see the band look at each other like, 'Wow we're really killing it up here.' But they were actually cheering for the light show from Mother Nature."

Urata on working with the Colorado Symphony over the years:

"I think they have had a huge influence, just knowing that we can swing for the fences and go for an orchestral sound intertwined with our little indie polka band. It's been a happy marriage and we want to see it continue."

Songs performed:

  • "The Clockwise Witness"
  • "100 Other Lovers"