Kristin Kontrol, ‘X-Communicate’

July 18, 2016

Many indie music fans are already acquainted with the music of Kristin Welchez, who led Dum Dum Girls as Dee Dee since 2008. That band started as Welchez's bedroom indie project but in recent years settled into a more polished, post-punk style.

However, Welchez has unveiled a more drastic paradigm shift with her new moniker, Kristin Kontrol. Along with her new name comes a new music style deeply invested in '80s pop acts like Madonna, Depeche Mode and Soft Cell. 

"X-Communicate," Welchez's debut album as Kristin Kontrol, follows a feverish writing period in which the New York City-based musician composed more than 60 songs. The album's title track is a dance floor anthem driven by a New Order-esque synthpop beat. 

Download "X-Communicate" via the link above.

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