Flock Of Dimes, ‘Everything Is Happening Today’

October 17, 2016

Jenn Wasner is best known as the singer and guitarist of Baltimore duo Wye Oak. That band's output has ranged from brooding indie folk to electronic rock, yet Wasner continues to explore new sounds with her solo work as Flock of Dimes.

Wasner's debut LP as Flock of Dimes is "If You See Me, Say Yes." It showcases the songwriter's ability to find beauty in any genre she pursues. 

On "Everything Is Happening Today," Wasner reflects on the passing of time and laments, "I remain as fragile as I ever was." It could be a complete downer, but the song's chorus pulses with ecstatic pop energy. 

Download "Everything Is Happening Today" via the link above.

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