5 Downloads For 5 Years Of CPR’s OpenAir

· Oct. 31, 2016, 6:51 am

We're offering five songs for our Download of the Week in honor of our fifth birthday. Enjoy!

Inner Oceans: "Call Through The Wire"

This Denver band has become one of the city's most buzzed-about bands in recent memory thanks to frontman Griff Snyder's knack for pop melodies and synth-heavy production. Explore more music from their forthcoming debut album with their performance for OpenAir Sessions.

Photo: Weyes Blood, 'Front Row Seat To Planet Earth'

Photo: Weyes Blood, 'Front Row Seat To Planet Earth'Weyes Blood: "Seven Words"

Singer-songwriter Natalie Mering has years of experience in hardcore noise bands, but her output as Weyes Blood is warm and welcoming. Her latest album, "Front Row Seat To Earth," is a collection of intimate folk songs, and the organ on "Seven Words" lends a gospel music element to the record. 


Photo: Holy Sons, 'In The Garden'

Photo: Holy Sons, 'In The Garden'Holy Sons: "Robbed And Gifted"

Holy Sons is essentially the solo project of Portland, Ore., musician Emil Amos, who plays every instrument on his records. He's released over a dozen albums as Holy Sons since 2000, covering a wide variety of genres. His latest, "In The Garden," is an attempt at recreating the aura of classic rock records from the 1970s. 

Photo: Devendra Banhart, 'Ape In Pink MArble'

Photo: Devendra Banhart, 'Ape In Pink MArble'Devendra Banhart: "Fancy Man"

Devendra Banhart is long removed from the "freak-folk" of his early records. His recent music has a more polished and mature sound, though he continues to find fascinating blends of instruments and influences. On "Ape In Pink Marble," he explores the music of Brazil and Japan.

Photo: Kadhja Bonet, 'The Visitor'

Photo: Kadhja Bonet, 'The Visitor'

Kadhja Bonet:"Honeycomb"

Kadhja Bonet's classical music training is all over the single "Honeycomb." The Los Angeles singer-songwriter plays every string and woodwind instrument on the track, but it's her sultry and soulful vocal parts that steal the show.

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