Introducing The ‘Marquee Collection’ From CPR’s OpenAir: Courtney Barnett, Shakey Graves And More

Photo: Marquee Collection CD art

Musical talent from all over the world has made the CPR Performance Studio a Colorado destination.

Now, for the first time, CPR's OpenAir is releasing a new CD featuring some of our best ever sessions with national and international artists: the "Marquee Collection." 

The CD features 19 artists, including Australian indie rock star Courtney Barnett, 2017 Westword Music Showcase headliner Shakey Graves and Mercury Prize-winning pianist Benjamin Clementine

This exclusive music collection can be yours with a contribution to CPR's OpenAir during our Spring 2017 Membership Drive. Donate now, and be sure to choose the "Marquee Collection" CD as your premium.

"CPR's OpenAir: Marquee Collection" track list:

  1. Courtney Barnett - “Avant Gardener”  
  2. Shakey Graves - “Dearly Departed”  
  3. Har Mar Superstar - “Lady You Shot Me”  
  4. Margaret Glaspy - “You And I”  
  5. Operators - “Control”  
  6. Kishi Bashi - “It All Began With A Burst” 
  7. Caroline Smith - “Half About Being A Woman”  
  8. Low Cut Connie - “Dirty Water”  
  9. John Grant - “Down Here”  
  10. Kyle Craft - “Eye Of The Hurricane”  
  11. Hurray For The Riff Raff - “Small Town Heroes”  
  12. Residual Kid - “Names”  
  13. Heartless Bastards - “Got To Have Rock And Roll”
  14. Man Man - “Head On”  
  15. Yann Tiersen - “A Midsummer Evening” 
  16. PHOX - “Evil”    
  17. Diane Coffee - “Mayflower”  
  18. Motopony - “Euphoria”     
  19. Benjamin Clementine - “Condolence”  

Below, watch artists featured on the "Marquee Collection" filmed in the CPR Performance Studio.

Diane Coffee

Benjamin Clementine

Margaret Glaspy