Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne Is Now All-In On A Run For Governor

<p>Ann Marie Awad/CPR News</p>
<p>Colorado Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne announces that she&#039;s in for the 2018 Governor&#039;s Race. She still has to face a crowded Democratic primary field for the chance to succeed the current governor, John Hickenlooper.</p>
Photo: Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne 2018 Govs Race Announcement - AAwad
Colorado Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne announces that she's in for the 2018 Governor's Race. She still has to face a crowded Democratic primary field for the chance to succeed the current governor, John Hickenlooper.

After about a month of dipping her toes in the waters, Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne says she’s ready to fully dive into the 2018 race for governor. She outlined her top issues in the announcement — among them, health care — and her intentions to stand up to President Donald Trump.

Lynne joins a growing Democratic primary field that includes former state Sen. Michael Johnston and U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, whose generous self-funding has him leading the pack early in the money game.

Health care is a logical platform issue for Lynne. The former Kaiser Permanente executive holds a doctorate in public health from Columbia University. She stressed the importance of shoring up the Affordable Care Act and ensuring its survival, even as President Trump continues to call for its repeal.

It's official. @LtGovofCO is throwing her hat in the ring for the gubernatorial race. #copolitics

Lynne also mentioned the importance of adequately funding state schools, as well as providing alternatives to college. She talked about visiting Colorado’s rural communities, and the importance of protecting their interests. All in all, her announcement speech was short on specifics, favoring broad strokes that closely align her with her would-be predecessor, Gov. John Hickenlooper.

She did, however, have plenty of words for the GOP-led House and Senate, as well as the president. She slammed the decision to rescind DACA, and said congress was making many problems worse instead of solving them.

Hickenlooper, for his part, has said he does not intend to endorse anyone in the 2018 race. However, he told Colorado Matters in August that Lynne’s entry into the race may make it harder to keep that promise. He praised Lynne, calling her one of the most talented people he’s worked with. Lynne dropped Hickenlooper’s name several times in her announcement speech, praising his leadership of the state.