Erika Wennerstrom: ‘Extraordinary Love’

Erika Wennerstrom has been the captivating voice behind Heartless Bastards for 15 years and five albums. This March the singer will release her debut solo album, "Sweet Unknown," recorded while the Austin-based band is on a brief hiatus.

The song "Extraordinary Love" is our first impression of "Sweet Unknown." It's a seven-minute ode to loving oneself that Wennerstrom wrote during a long stay in West Texas. It's also one of the most optimistic rock songs she's penned over her long career: She sings the chorus, "I want to feel extraordinary love / A love that only comes from with inside," with strength and conviction.

Download "Extraordinary Love" via the link above.

Watch Wennerstrom perform with Heartless Bastards in the CPR Performance Studio below.