The Still Tide, Kitty Crimes Spin Music From Treefort Bands At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Bruce Trujillo)</p>
<p>Left to right: Anna Morsett of The Still Tide, Maria Kohler of Kitty Crimes and Alisha Sweeney.</p>
Photo: Treefort Guest DJ
Left to right: Anna Morsett of The Still Tide, Maria Kohler of Kitty Crimes and Alisha Sweeney.

Twenty-two Colorado acts perform this week in Boise, Idaho, as part of the Treefort Music Festival. That list includes Denver rock band The Still Tide and hip-hop/R&B act Kitty Crimes.

We welcomed Still Tide frontwoman Anna Morsett and Kitty Crimes' Maria Kohler for a Guest DJ session before they made the trip to Boise. The musicians selected some music from one another's catalogs, along with Treefort 2018 acts Andrew W.K., Y La Bamba and more.

Listen to the session above. Interview highlights:

Maria Kohler on the Y La Bamba song 'Cara Cara':

"Luz of Y La Bamba is so intentional about the way she makes her songs, and generous when she's showing it before it's in its finished mode. She'll post lyrics in this really sincere way.

"She sent me a voice memo of that song before it was done. It felt like a really special gift."

Anna Morsett on hearing Kitty Crimes' 'Two Weeks' for the first time:

"At the time I had only heard Maria rap and do all that amazing stuff. To hear her beautiful singing voice blew me out of the water. I love that pairing of this incredible stage performer, incredible rapper and explosive person. ... I was like, 'Just leave some talents for the rest of us!'"

Listen to a Spotify playlist of Anna and Maria's song selections below.

See the full list of Treefort 2018 acts from Colorado below.

  • Ill-Esha
  • Esme Patterson
  • The Still Tide
  • Stelth Ulvang
  • Kitty Crimes
  • Porlolo
  • The Raven And The Writing Desk
  • Wildermiss
  • Eldren
  • Serpentfoot
  • Rubedo
  • The Kinky Fingers
  • Ancient Elk
  • Dear Rabbit
  • Edison
  • Midwife
  • deCollage
  • Grayson County Burn Ban
  • DMVU
  • Bad Licks
  • Tyto Alba
  • Kyle Emerson