Expand Your Music Collection With The OpenAir CD Package

Photo: OpenAir 3-CD Collection

OpenAir has hosted more than 600 sessions in the CPR Performance Studio. Now, you can add highlights from that vast studio library to your own music collection.

For a limited time only, donate $20 or more for this special three-CD collection of music from the CPR studio: our Marquee Collection and Colorado Live & Local Vols. 2 and 3.

These CDs include exclusive recordings by Courtney Barnett, Shakey Graves, Tennis, Gregory Alan Isakov, Low Cut Connie, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Heartless Bastards and many more. You can't buy these performances anywhere else!

This is your last opportunity to get these one-of-a-kind recordings -- supplies are limited! Head to our donate page and select One-Time Donation and choose this collection as your thank-you gift. Your contribution of $20 or more supports the new music yet to be discovered on Colorado Public Radio.

See the full track list for each CD below.

Marquee Collection

  1. Courtney Barnett: “Avant Gardener”
  2. Shakey Graves: “Dearly Departed”
  3. Har Mar Superstar: “Lady You Shot Me”
  4. Margaret Glaspy: “You and I”
  5. Operators: “Control”
  6. Kishi Bashi: “It All Began With a Burst”
  7. Caroline Smith: “Half About Being a Woman”
  8. Low Cut Connie: “Dirty Water”
  9. John Grant: “Down Here”
  10. Kyle Craft: “Eye of the Hurricane”
  11. Hurray for the Riff Raff: “Small Town Heroes”
  12. Residual Kid: “Name”
  13. Heartless Bastards: “Got to Have Rock and Roll”
  14. Man Man: “Head On”
  15. Yann Tiersen: “A Midsummer Evening”
  16. PHOX: “Evil”
  17. Diane Coffee: “Mayflower”
  18. Motopony: “Euphoria”
  19. Benjamin Clementine: “Condolence”

Colorado Live & Local Vol. 2

  1. Tennis: “My Better Self”
  2. Fierce Bad Rabbit: “Live and Learn”
  3. Kyle James Hauser: “Life, Love and Pain”
  4. The Swayback: “Double Four Time”
  5. Chimney Choir: “Ace of Spades”
  6. Joe Sampson: “Paper Dolls”
  7. StaG: “Little Time Remains”
  8. Bad Weather California: “Stand in My Sunshine”
  9. Land Lines: “Bomb Blast”
  10. Eye & the Arrow: “Prophet’s Home”
  11. The Yawpers: “Worthless”
  12. Dressy Bessy: “Baby Six String”
  13. Glowing House: “Any Part of Her”
  14. The Haunted Windchimes: “Out With the Crow”
  15. Achille Lauro: “Hard Pressed”
  16. Fairchildren: “Garden Gate”
  17. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club: “No Doubt About It”
  18. The Congress: “Impatiently”
  19. Princess Music: “Hatchet”