The Local 303: Colorado artists we’re featuring for August 2023

This month you'll be hearing some of the newest and most exciting music being created across the state and we want to celebrate with you! If you discovered Indie 102.3 and our love of sharing Colorado music at the Underground Music Showcase last month, thanks for clicking! The Local 303 is our monthly feature on the local music scene across the state with a dozen artists being featured each month. Tune in to hear them on the radio and read about them below.

Join us in person to for our monthly Local 303 Meetup that gives space to celebrate Colorado musicians and music fans from our community. The August Local 303 Meetup happens at Skylark Lounge upstairs in the new Bobcat Club, Monday August 28th from 6:30-9 p.m. Join us for a performance from Calamity, vote on some new local songs in our music meeting, a Q&A about how to get your music on the radio and win tickets to see Sylvan Esso or The Endless Sunshine Fest (Backseat Lovers, Briston Maroney, Peach Pit & more). This event is 21+ and free to get in. Skylark Lounge, 140 S Broadway in Denver.

When you come to the meetup, pick up a poster designed by Stuart Alden of Ink Lounge. He screen prints 50 posters for the meetup and you can get your hands on one!

Are you a Colorado musician who wants to be featured in the Local 303? Send us your music.

Meet August's picks:


Photo: Kruleboi

Band Lineup: Alex Alverez – Vocals, Ethan Demoulin - drums, John Luther – guitars, Garret Orseno – bass

Colorado Home: Alex is originally from Denver. The band now lives in LA.

Formed: Alex started as a solo act, but formed the band 2 years ago.

Latest Release: Latest album release is “The Gutter” which came out on 6/9/23.

Upcoming Shows: 8/11 in Denver at Meow Wolf with some national dates too!

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Working with Brendan O’Brien one of the most incredible rock producers has been amazing and we are excited to kick off our US tour in August.


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Photo: Meesh Deyden

Band Lineup: Sarah Ault (she/they) - backing vocals, Nirantha Balogopal (she/they) - lead guitar, Michael Everett (he/him) - drums, Becky Hostetler (she/they) - vocals, lead guitar, Neil McCormick (he/him) - bass

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: "Better Now" (single) - released July 28, 2023 with Recessive Goth Records (Becky's pet project label with Barry Osborne)

Upcoming Shows: Not yet but watch for coming singles and EP with supporting shows in 2024! (Becky's marrying Miguel in November and wedding planning is too much with any fall shows)

About: Hailing from southern California, Becky Hostetler created bellhoss in 2017 after relocating to Denver, Colorado. She began as a solo artist and eventually grew to collaborate with other people, bands, producers, and more. With a sound reminiscent of Waxahatchee, ALVVAYS, and Soccer Mommy, bellhoss sits in a purgatory between folk and DIY punk, writing songs for herself and for people who keep secrets.

bellhoss has shared the stage with the likes of Ratboys, Post Animal, Girlpool, Stef Chura, Molly Burch, Esmé Patterson, Kiltro, Strange Ranger, Adam Faucett, Angelo de Augustine, Many Rooms, and more. Despite the relative newness of the project, Hostetler has already managed to tour extensively around the western US, from Phoenix to LA to Honolulu. Although plans to drive east were canceled due to COVID-19, she has big plans to head that way as soon as it is safe.

The geraniums EP, bellhoss' highly anticipated debut release, came out in summer of 2019. It was immediately preceded by a music video for the EP’s single (geraniums #2) which was filmed in local bar, Ft. Greene, and included a dance number and more flamingoes than anyone thought possible. Both projects are a testament to the community Hostetler has cultivated over the past several years, as well as the team she assembled throughout the creation of this release. The EP itself was recorded and mixed by Malena Roberts, who also played bass and sang backup vocals. Payden Widner mastered the EP while playing guitar with the group.

“From the vocal-harmonic Irish folk feel of “Geraniums #1” to the bare intimacy of “Heart Apart,” Geraniums offers a soundtrack to both the golden hour sheen of June afternoons and the somber summer nights which follow. But the bread and butter of the record is Hostetler’s direct, unpolished “everyman” vocal. It’s raw, driving beauty allows Geraniums to flourish.” — Kevin Johnston, Bandwagon Magazine

Throughout the chaos COVID-19 has created throughout 2020, Hostetler stayed busy and creative. She collaborated on an award-winning short film with Shelby Rahe to the sound of songs written during the stay-at-home orders throughout the pandemic, called Hiding, released in July 2021. Additionally, bellhoss is working with producer Joe Reinhart, owner of Headroom Studios and guitarist for Hop Along, on an EP to be released in 2024. The first single from the EP was released with a music video July 28 and is called "Better Now".

Currently, the live bellhoss lineup features Neil McCormick on bass, Michael Everett on drums, Nirantha Balogopal on lead guitar and Sarah Ault on backing vocals.

bellhoss specializes in puppy birthday parties (alongside run-of-the-mill sad dog birthday clowns) and government acronyms. Say hello at [email protected].

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Again, upcoming singles and EP in early 2024, also Becky did a solo split with Barry Osborne that will be released on 45s soon as well!


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Bleak Mystique

Photo: Aaron Butwinick

Band Lineup: Sam Shapiro (he/him) - Guitar, Vocals. Mitch Segura (he/him) - Guitar, Keyboard, backing vocals. Aidan Hutchings (he/him) - Bass, backing Vocals.

Colorado Home: Denver and Boulder

Formed: 2021 

Latest Release: "Less Of You" (single), July 28th, 2023. Self-Released

About: Over the last year and a half Bleak Mystique has developed their sound through prolific experimentation, with each release more focused and catchier than the last, all without losing their signature iconoclastic attitude. Since their debut release in May of 2021, the band went on to release 9 songs in 2021 (counting a Christmas cover), and 10 songs in 2022 (plus an 8 track b-side and live album).  In 2023, they plan to release 5 singles (and a handful of re-recorded sessions courtesy of KMG Studios, and Lance Townsend Studios), and a couple of music videos. The band has built an ever-growing local following playing shows in their hometown of Denver, in neighboring cities of Fort Collins and Boulder, and beyond. They kicked off 2023 with a show at Lost Lake Lounge in Denver before traveling north to The Coast in Fort Collins at the end of January.  They plan to continue gigging locally and beyond throughout 2023 with two tours through the American Southwest announced soon.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We are excited to share this single, and one more before the end of the year. We also will be announcing a tour soon which fans can stay up to date with on any of our social medias. 


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The Burroughs

Photo: Michael Oliver

Band Lineup: Johnny Burroughs (He/Him) - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Mary Claxton (She/Her) - Drums/Vocals, Brian Claxton (He/Him) - Bass/Vocals, Spencer Zweifel (He/Him) - Keys/Organ, Jack McManaman (He/Him) - Lead Guitar, Briana Harris (She/Her) - Alto Saxophone/Vocals, Hayden Farr (He/Him) - Baritone Saxophone/Vocals, Alec Bell (He/Him) - Trumpet, Jeremy Fallis (He/Him) - Trombone

Colorado Home: Greeley/Denver

Formed: 2013

Latest Release: Honey Imastar, June 2, 2023, Self Released

Upcoming Shows: 
August 1st - Greeley, CO
August 3rd - Palmer, Alaska. Little Su Shakedown
August 4th and 6th - Ninilchick, Alaska. Salmonfest
August 7th - Homer, Alaska. Alice's Champagne Palace
August 12th - Salida, CO. Salida Jazz Festival
September 15th - Laramie, WY. Gryphon Theatre
November 4th - Fort Collins, CO. Washington's

About: From humble beginnings covering soul standards in their unlikely hometown of Greeley, Colorado, The Burroughs have traversed a decade of growth and reinvention to become a band that defies odds and transcends categorization. Since 2013, the 9-piece act has lit up stages around thecountry with their trademark brand of “sweaty soul music,” an invitation for audiences to dance, celebrate, and connect under a unifying and infectious groove.

Bandleader and frontman Johnny Burroughs sings, dances, and screams audiences into a revival-like frenzy. His dynamite backing band includes sizzling horns and powerhouse rhythm section made up of some of Colorado’s most versatile and in-demand musicians. Since their early days pulling inspiration from artists spanning Stevie Wonder to Beyonce, the group has grown into a formidable creative collective focused on finding an original voice. The band’s undeniable chemistry on stage is built from a decade of real-life relationships and creative partnership. In an industry focused on finding the next big singular artist, The Burroughs have forged their own path that centers on music made in community. 

The Burroughs have played prestigious festivals and venues including Salmonfest Alaska, Bohemian Nights New West Fest, Denver's Underground Music Showcase, and the Mishawaka. The band has written, produced, and performed a show of original music with orchestra, premiered with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra in 2021. They have opened for acts including The Motet, The Steve Miller Band, Keller Williams, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and The Main Squeeze. Previous recorded releases include self-released singles “Zero Sum Game,” “Baby Get Down,” and “I Refuse”; Love and Unity produced by Eric Krasno (2020); “The Slip” and “Forever In Love on Color Red Music (2019); their full-length studio album Got to Feel (2018); the single “You Are My Joy,” and b-side “1968” (2016); and the full-length live album Sweaty Greeley Soul (2015), recorded live at the Moxi Theater. 

Since the band’s start, The Burroughs have always embraced their hometown of Greeley, Colorado, with a passion for community outreach. Previous partnerships have amplified the work of great organizations like the Weld Food Bank, Greeley Boys and Girls Clubs, and Habitat for Humanity. The band’s latest mission is an ongoing partnership with Greeley-Evans District 6 Schools titled #BandsGiveBack- a campaign for local artists to pledge money and time dedicated towards providing all area students with access to music education. Providing music clinics and joint performances with high school bands around their city and across the country, The Burroughs hope to inspire the next generation of musicians to find a career path in music.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about:  With the release of Honey Imastar we have been hard at work pushing our Sweaty Soul Music to new heights! Our album is an expansive concept album about an alien traveler who comes to earth to learn what it means to be human, and with that retro futurist backdrop we have been taking people to another world in our live shows. 

Our show November 4th at Washington's in Fort Collins is going to be our most immersive galactic dance party to date! We are also already making plans for 2024 to be our biggest touring year ever. In addition to bigger shows, we have plans for multiple visual pieces of content to help fill out the story of "Honey Imastar." Be on the lookout for more "Sweaty Intergalactic Soul" this year!


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Photo: Matthew Novak

Band Lineup: Kate Hannington (she/her): vocals, baritone guitar, Maggie Schmidt (she/her): synth, Caleb Tardio (he/him): guitar, Alex Jones (he/him): bass, synth, Andrew Bair (he/him): drums

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2021

Latest Release: Chiromancy (Album), July 28, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: 9/4 Hi Dive with Blushing, Wave Decay

About: We live in highly calamitous times. You can't fully look away and it's easy to feel like you're losing your mind. But that's ripe territory for Kate Hannington's solo venture, CALAMITY. Hannington's journey has taken her from the rust belt basement punk shows of Cleveland (her hometown), to the avant-garde rock and chamber music scenes of New York, to her current landing spot, Denver. In her time here, she's perfected a sound that reflects those influences and brings them together as a cohesive piece with a neon cherry on top – guttural baritone guitars provide a sonic bedrock for twinkling synths, with jangly harmonies and forlorn vocals rippling throughout. Dreamy one moment and pugnacious the next, Hannington's songs are reminiscent of the moody stylings of Jason Molina with a sprinkling of 90s grunge a la Kim Deal and early 2000s shoegaze. It delivers best at night when aural uncertainties have that special way of floating into darkened corners.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Calamity has just released an album on July 28 and will have their album release show in October, and Kate will be performing a live film score this fall at the Mayan theater.


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Photo: Jason Melino

Band Lineup: Eric Halborg (he/him) - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Cole Rudy (he/him) - Guitar, Lapsteel, Mandolin, Backing Vocals, Carl Sorensen (he/him) - Drums, Hunter Roberts (he/him) - Bass

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2015

Latest Release: "New Dawn Get Down" (single), July 14 2023, Color Red Records

Upcoming Shows: Across The Waves Record Release Party | Cervantes Other Side | Saturday Oct 7, 2023

About: Denver band Dragondeer has conjured the rhythm spirits to concoct a blend of Psychedelic Blues, Retro Funk, Soul and Rock-n-Roll into a genre blur that's aim is to speak to souls and keep the body moving. Four good friends that brew a musical alchemy that is song centric with a proclivity to stretch things out and see where the evening leads. Heard across radio waves, through the trees at festivals like Electric Forrest, Firefly, and Telluride Blues this band keeps growing and morphing and wants you in on the ride. Dragondeer has shared the stage with Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, Futurebirds, Neal Francis, Marcus King, The Revivalists, Shakey Graves, Dumpstaphunk, Drive By Truckers, and Jerry Joseph.

The new single "New Dawn Get Down" is an upbeat, anthemic single that paves the way for their forthcoming album Across the Wavescoming out via Color Red on September 15, 2023. Featuring carefree whistles, fetching melodies, and dazzling build-ups, the track emboldens listeners to usher in a new era that sheds dated philosophies in favor of progressive thoughts and universal acceptance. 

As the “New Dawn Get Down” name implies, the lead single was birthed out of the pandemic during a time of division, uncertainty, and fear, often stirring the pot for discourse and discontent. Vocalist, lyricist, and guitarist Eric Halborg explains, “New Dawn was written in the midst of what seemed like a pretty bleak time–both racially and how people were treating each other with different opinions. One of the inspirations in the back of my head was the futurist movement in the early 20th century where groups of philosophers got together to plot burning down museums and the archaic ways of the elders.”

The notion of burning down museums and scorning history is rooted in the thought that the past provides no value for the future and instead, society should aim to capture the energy and dynamism in the modern world embracing art and technology. Halborg continues, “You’re often told you should listen to your elders and learn from history. We’re in a moment where their ideologies seem pretty dated and the new dawn is a hope for more progressive thoughts. There’s a line in the lyrics that says ‘linking arms through all the fights’ which means that change starts in your circle and we need to rise up collectively.”

While Across The Waves is not a concept album and each song has a lifeform lof its own, the new record is a direct reflection of where the band has come and a bestowment of sincere reflection, “It’s a result of what the band’s ethical philosophy has become,” says guitarist & vocalist Cole Rudy, “It’s a reflection of where we’ve come, how we feel about ourselves as artists and the purpose behind what we’re doing.”

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: Excited for the Across The Waves record release party at Cervantes Oct 7th. There's a bunch of shows that will be announced soon to support the record. Also looking forward to working on the live versions of new songs as they always seem to morph and stretch in a live setting. We were just in the Color Red studio recording four new songs that includes a First Aid Kit cover (who we love). 


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Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Band Lineup: jakk0b - producer, composer, Jack Long - co-composer. Featured artists: Cosmo Smalls from CAGEMATES, Zane Deluccie from Gestalt, Breanna Ahlgren from Corner Girls & Waiting Room, and Ethan Eckhard from S.O.J. and Dog Tags. 

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2022

Latest release: FREE DRACULA: SUMMER VACATION [EP] August 4th, 2023


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Jesus Christ Taxi Driver

Photo: Patrick Heath

Band Lineup: Ian Ehrhart: Guitar, Vocals Will Ehrhart: Drums, VocalsColin Kelly: Guitar, VocalsRiley Merano: Bass, Vocals

Colorado Home: Fort Collins

Formed: May 2022

Latest Release: Lick My Soul, 7/7/23, DaddyRock Records with singles "Ding Dong The Beeves are Dead" (4/28/22), "Diabolical Catholic" (5/26/23), and "STUPIDMOTHERF****R" (6/9/23) 

Upcoming Shows: 8/8/23 at Hi Dive w/ The Thing & The Red Scare, 9/22/23 at Aggie Theatre w/ The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band, 10/7/23 at Moxi Theater w/ INTHEWHALE & THRASH HARD 

About: Somewhere between the violent rock and roll of Jon spencer, the sophisticated rhythms of Ali Farka Toure, and the religious disorientation of Jean Meslier, Jesus Christ Taxi Driver makes joyfully irreverent noise. Taking aim at daily banal agonies, and existential uncertainty, the moods shift from meditative to unhinged. The music takes risks. Formed in 2022 on colorado’s front range, they’ve been bringing their wildly disruptive live shows to venues across the mountain west at an incredible pace. Keep an eye on their schedule to see where they are playing near you. Their debut album, “Lick My Soul” was released July 7th on daddyrock records.


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The Nova Kicks

Photo: Annie Kelly

Band Lineup: Luis Prado- he/him, Enrique Sandoval- he/him, Annie Kelly- her/she, Brandon Fierro- he/him

Colorado Home: Denver 

Formed: 2019

Latest Release: "Metallic hips" / "Records by the replacements". Set to release Aug 4th 2023 but early radio release beginning of August. Self released.

Upcoming Shows: Friday, August 25th at Herman’s hideaway with ‘Seven year witch’ and ‘stock’

About: Colorado raucous band 'The Nova Kicks' bring a destructive sound wave of distorted grooves and soul in the shape of a high energy performance. Writing personal to impersonal songs that bring awareness to the beauty and tragedy of the human experience. The band holds close to their influences in Rock n roll and punk music but destroy the notion that a band should stick to one genre. Nostalgia band with a future.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: We had an amazing time working with ‘The mañanas’ Danny Pauta and Felipe Romo as producers on our singles and hope to work with them some more with future projects. We will also be releasing two new music videos in August to go along with the new singles. Both DIY AF.

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Taura Horn
Photo: Taura Horn Photography

Band Lineup: sashiBOOM (She/They)

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: i've been playing music professionally since 2007

Latest Release: "Tell Me About Her" (Single), June 13th, 2023, Boom Music

About: sashiBOOM is a queer singer-songwriter, musician, and Twitch partner from Jakarta, Indonesia but is now based in Denver.

Sashi was forced to leave her job as a cruise ship musician due to the pandemic but quickly adapted and started streaming music on the platform Twitch in February 2021 and received Partner status by the platform just nine months later. She is now a full-time music streamer.

Sashi’s main instruments are her acoustic guitars and her loop pedals. Whether she’s performing live on stage or virtually streaming from her studio in Denver, she live loops 90% of her performances.

Other than performing cover songs, she is also a productive songwriter and producer. Sashi’s 2021 release “STFU” and 2022 release "Work in Progress" each have over 1 MILLION streams on Spotify and counting. Her brand new release "Tell Me About Her" came out in June 2023.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: i just launched my new project called Loudly Inclusive Media Collective ( It's a group of artists, producers, and supporters who work together to promote the creative endeavors of every member of the collective through shared resources, marketing, advocacy, and collaborative projects.


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Stone Jackals

Photo: Julia Susanne

Band Lineup: Levi Heberer (vox, guitar), Gabriel Heberer (drumkit), Adam Padilla (keys, guitar), Hezekiah Daggett (guitar, keys), Ian Gardner (bass), Chaz Widener (guitar)

Colorado Home: Boulder/Denver

Formed: 2018

Latest Release: Chemical Canopy EP, Nov. 3rd, 2022, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: August 5th, Globe Hall with Zella Day

About: Rock band from Colorado.  

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about: New tunes coming soon!


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Photo: Amanda Casillas

Band Lineup: Emma Henrhy (she/her) - Lead Vocals, Producer

Colorado Home: Born and raised in Denver, CO.

Formed: I only just created my solo project, teller, in January of this year but I've been singing and creating for as far back as my memory goes.

Latest Release: Fun at Party City EP, Sep. 12, 2023, Self-Released. Debut single "Make Me Hate U," May 11, 2023, via Eventually It Will Kill You.

Upcoming Shows: Eventually It Will Kill You presents TASSEL, STREET FEVER, TELLER, DESASOCIADO with Kill You Club DJ’s & Precious Blood on September 26th at HIDIVE 21+ | $15/$18 | 7pm Doors

About: A Denver native, teller creates lofi soundscapes with the intention of setting a narrative. She is influenced by the dismal nature of life and entertains no escape, preferring to stew in the acceptance of unfortunate circumstance. 

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