The Best Local 303 Acts of 2023!

Looking back, 2023 was another amazing year for Colorado music; from emerging artists to legendary local acts, we are proud of who we shared with you in our Local 303! For one final celebration of last year's artists, you all showed up for the local music scene by casting your vote for the ones that stood out to you the most. Thank you to the bands for your creativity and sharing your music with us and to the fans and listeners for taking some time to help shape the countdown.

Tune in Friday February 2nd to More From the Local 303 at 9pm as we count down the Top 15! Congrats to our Number 1 act who will be invited to our studio for a session that will be released on 303 Day! Wait there's more...

Save the date: We are currently confirming the lineup of our 303 Day Concert at Number 38 on March 3rd where three of the top bands will perform!

Here's your Top 15 Local 303 of 2023:

15. DNA Picasso

Photo: Chris Opher

Colorado Home: Aurora

Formed: I started making music in 2017 professionally 

Latest Release: The Colour Blü which was released March 2, 2023

14. mon cher

Photo: Meesh Deyden

Band Lineup: Meghan Holton (she/her) - Lead Vocals, Keys, Guitar and Caitlyn Sullivann (she/her) - Drums, Backing Vocals

Colorado Home: Arvada

Formed: 2020

Latest Release: sweet & heady LP, Nov. 10, 2023, Self-Released 

13. Jesus Christ Taxi Driver

Photo: Patrick Heath

Band Lineup: Ian Ehrhart: Guitar, Vocals Will Ehrhart: Drums, VocalsColin Kelly: Guitar, VocalsRiley Merano: Bass, Vocals

Colorado Home: Fort Collins/Denver

Formed: May 2022

Latest Release: Lick My Soul, 7/7/23, DaddyRock Records

12. May Be Fern

Photo: John McSweeney

Band Lineup: Madi Spillman - Lead Guitar, she/her, Hannah May - Keys/Lead Vocal, she/her, Kate Fern - Bass/Lead Vocal, she/her, Carleen Jeffers, Drums, they/them

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: January, 2022

Latest Release: Ok Grandma, Your Turn released on March 11th, 2023 

11. bellhoss

Photo: Meesh Deyden

Band Lineup: Sarah Ault (she/they) - backing vocals, Nirantha Balogopal (she/they) - lead guitar, Michael Everett (he/him) - drums, Becky Hostetler (she/they) - vocals, lead guitar, Neil McCormick (he/him) - bass

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: "Better Now" (single) - released July 28, 2023 with Recessive Goth Records (Becky's pet project label with Barry Osborne)

10. Meta Sarmiento

Photo: Olivia Jones

Colorado Home: Aurora

Formed: 2010

Latest Release: Jungle Rules, June 16th 2023, MetaMob

9. Sour Magic

Photo: Leo Sideras

Band Lineup: Jay (drums), Drew (bass), Jonny (keys), Mauro (lead guitar & backing vocals), Eliseo (lead vocals & guitar).

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: We formed our instrumental core in the fall of 2021, our most recent addition Eliseo on lead vocals joined for our annual Halloween show in 2023.

Latest Release: "Elevator" (Single), Self-Released, Jan. 26, 2024.

8. The Dollhouse Thieves

Photo: Kenzi Everitt

Band Lineup: Niki Tredinnick (she/her): Vocals, rhythm guitar, woodwinds, Luke Tredinnick (he/him): Vocals, keys, brass, accordion, Stephen Dexter Bott (he/him): Drums, Ryan Self (he/him): Bass, synth bass, Jacy James Anderson (he/him): Lead guitar, vocals

Colorado Home: Denver/Fort Collins

Formed: 2015, as an acoustic folk rock trio (have changed our sound and added more members)

Latest Release: “Take Me Down” (single), Aug. 12, 2023, Self-Released

7. The Drawn Out

Photo: Jordan Altergott

Band Lineup: Lead vocalist- Cassidy Guttormson, Lead guitarist- Paul Harlan, Keys/Guitar/Vocals - Mackenzie Harlan, Bass - Malena Roberts, Drums - Johnny Moses

Colorado Home: Lakewood

Formed: 2014

Latest Release: “Grave Clothes,” 12/8/23, self-released

6. Wildermiss

Photo: Lucas Ludwig

Band Lineup: Emma Cole (she/her) - Vox, Keys, Joshua Hester (he/him) - Guitar, Caleb Thoemke (he/him) - Drums

Former Colorado Home: Denver

Current Location: Nashville, TN

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: Levitate out on October 27, 2023

5. Jaguar Stevens

Photo: George L. Blosser

Band Lineup: Caleb Wohlust (Lead Vocals) he/himSteve Bartholomew (Guitar) he/himCharlie Frost (Keys/Bass) he/himDave Glantz (Drums) he/him

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2021

Latest Release: Jaguar Stevens (self-titled album)

4. Virgi Dart

Photo: Riding Oranges by Ingrid Echeverry

Colorado Home: Boulder

Formed: I've been professionally singing for 15 years but started my solo project in 2019.

Latest Release: "Mucha Mujer" video on YouTube from my UMS concert last Summer '23 and my new song “La Última Vez” on Feb. 1, 2023 on streaming platforms!

3. The Trujillo Company

Photo: Jason Reschka

Band Lineup: Mike Trujillo (he/him) - Guitar, Lead Vocals / Leny Trujillo (he/him) - Drums / Mark Hibl (he/him) - Bass, Vocals

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: "4 Arrows" (album), August 25, 2023, Self-Released

2. Elektric Animals

Photo: Oscar Jara

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2018

Latest Release: Channels EP, Self-Released, May 2022

1. Ipecac

Photo: Jason Reschka

Band Lineup: Ariadnee Ziady (She/Her), Kanyon Dickerson (He/Him), Tayte Eubanks (He/Him), Isabella Osborne (She/Her)

Colorado Home: Broomfield

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: Ipecac EP, Sep. 22, 2023, Sailor Records