The Local 303: Colorado artists we’re featuring for March 2024

This month Local 303 will be highlighting our ongoing support of women musicians from Colorado's thriving scene during Women's History Month. Naturally, we believe in actively creating a more equitable and vibrant music community for all on the radio and beyond. So this month we shift the focus to learning about how women in music in Colorado have faced significant barriers and discrimination within the music industry and celebrate those artists who are overcoming through their talents, dedication, and hard work.

Trinidad's Midwife got her start a decade ago in Denver's DIY music scene as a fixture at Rhinoceropolis with her "heaven metal" sound that is truly cinematic. Blending her experience in opera mixed with her love pop, you will hear the latest from Denver's Uhl. For your rock fix, we have pop-punk rockers Capture This featuring the powerhouse vocals of frontwoman Leah Drost while Isabel Daninger fronts Circling Girl a nostalgic dream pop rock band.

Tune in for new songs by indie folk songwriter Louise, Lately who just released a full-length record. Zoë Coz teamed up former Local 303 musician Bryce Menchaca for her debut indie folk single and we are also featuring the first singles from Lisa Finck; both acts have new music on the way. Elyse Therose has made her return to music in nearly a decade with new music inspired by 90s alternative and synth pop.

And this month we have indie folk from Lonely Choir back in the Local 303 with new music that highlights her clever, yet humorous songwriting. This project of Rachael McCuaig will perform at our Local 303 Meetup!

Outside of Denver, we have Longmont hip-hop artist, by way of Southern Florida, Sunshiiine, who truly spreads sunshine in her featured track this month. Boulder artist Birdie Wren will soar on-air this month with her debut single. Last, from Grand Junction, crêpe girl returns with new infectious indie pop love songs.

You'll hear these artists on Indie 102.3 all month long, and we'd love for you come meet some of them in person, too! Join us for our monthly Local 303 Meetup to celebrate our featured artists and our entire music community. Each meetup features a music meeting where you get to vote on new local songs, a chance to win concert tickets, and a special live performance. The meetup takes place on Monday, Mar. 25 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at Hi-Dive, located at 7 S. Broadway in Denver. This event is open to everyone 21+ and free admission.

Thanks to Stuart Alden of Ink Lounge who designs a limited edition screen print poster for each meetup, only 50 printed and available by donation.

Are you a Colorado musician who wants to be featured in the Local 303? Send us your music!

Birdie Wren

Photo: Caroline Rejman

Band Lineup:
Birdie Wren (She/Her)-Guitar, Vocals
Harrison Pena (He/Him)-Guitar
Michael Carmen Yon III (He/Him)-Guitar, Drums, Keys, Vocals
Travis Keys (He/Him)-Bass

Colorado Home: Boulder

Formed: 2023

Latest Release: “Winter” (Single), Self-Release, Feb 2, 2024

About: Birdie Wren is a 19 year old musician from Boulder, CO. Nearly three and a half years after releasing her debut project “Time Changes'' under the name Tulum, Birdie is undertaking a new musical endeavor. Set to leave Colorado in January of 2023, Birdie decided to stay after the recording of her latest song. “Winter” is a composition born from heartbreak that has gradually revealed itself to be a symbol of growth and change. Birdie was approached by local musicians (Carmen Michael Yon III, Harrison Peña, and Calder Haubrich of Boulder band On the Dot) to work on one of their songs. Realizing the collaboration was a good musical and personal fit, the group recorded a quick demo for “Winter”. A year later, the group (now organized under Toludo Records) with the addition of longtime friend and Tulum collaborator Travis Keys, set out to record a higher quality version. During the session, the song transformed from a short demo to a long-form, atmospheric, post-rock experiment. “Winter” is an amalgamation of emotion, collaboration, and hard work. With their first song under their belt, Birdie and the folks at Toludo Records are excited to create their first full length album together. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: We are creating a full length album, and will be releasing more singles before then!

What women musicians inspire you? 
All of my bandmates (The Galentines), Linda and Essie Horne, Codi Jantsch, Emily Zalevsky. Being able to do the thing I love with such talented people I love has changed my life for the better. Seeing what everyone contributes to our project is so inspiring and fun. Every single person has ideas that shine through and the songs we create are a complex and full combination of all of our personalities, experiences, and love for the craft. Check out Linda Horne’s debut EP, Sun is a Woman, streaming everywhere!

Get Social: Birdie Wren Instagram, On The Dot Instagram, The Galentines Instagram, Travis Keys Instagram

Capture This

Photo: Morgan Elizabeth

Band Lineup: 
Leah Drost (she/her) - Lead Vocals
Alex Balister (he/him) – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andrew Wilson (he/him) – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Zach Brennan (he/him) – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joey Samuel (he/him) – Drums

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2021

Latest Release: "Sleepwalk With Me," October 13, 2023, Self-Released

Upcoming Shows: 
LunaFest Music Festival: April 22, 2024 at DV8 Distillery
Fluorescents Album Release Show: July 6, 2024 at Herman’s Hideaway

About: Capture This, the driving force in nostalgic 2000’s pop-punk has an irresistible blend of powerhouse vocals, upbeat tempos, and harmonic guitar riffs. Their lyrics capture the highs and lows of youth, rebellion and the pursuit of self-discovery. Since their formation in 2021, the 5-piece band has been tearing up stages and carving out their own space in the heart of pop-punk revival. The release of their single, Echoes garnered attention, where they played alongside A Day To Remember, The Maine, Jimmy Eat World, Silversun Pickups and girlfriends. Their continued momentum in the pop-punk music scene landed them a show with the Plain White T's and Pollyanna at The Summit.

The band is also a strong advocate for women empowerment. Last year they organized the 1st annual Female Fronted Fest at Number Thirty-Eight. The event showcased female-fronted bands, business entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. The collaborations between these creatives and businesses fostered community support and success.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: We have several new songs we’re releasing soon!

What women musicians inspire you? Charlotte Sands, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa


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Circling Girl

Photo: Jason Meyers

Band Lineup:
Isabel Daninger (she/her) - Vocals
Devon Wellborn (she/they) - Vocals, Guitar
Linus Flynn (They/She) - Vocals, Guitar
Jesse Crone (He/Him) - Drums
Noah Thomas (He/Him) - Bass

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2022

Latest Release: Teeth (EP), Feb. 9, 2024, Self Released.

Upcoming Shows: Rosie Tucker w/Circling Girl - 4/30 - @ Lost Lake Lounge

About: With the release of their debut EP, Teeth, Circling Girl has quickly made a name for themselves in the Denver music scene. Drawing inspiration from classic dream-pop bands such as Cocteau Twins and The Sundays, and modern indie darlings such as Beach House and Soccer Mommy, the quintet’s glimmering harmonies and spaced-out guitars toe the line between familiar and fresh.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: Currently looking forward to starting production on our first full length album. Looking to be released around December!

What women musicians inspire you? In no particular order, Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast, Julia Jacklin, Anna Frick, Brandi Carlisle, Jeanie Schroder

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crêpe girl

Photo: Steph Estrada

Band Lineup: Eliza Grégoire (she/her) - solo project

Colorado Home: Grand Junction

Formed: 2020

Latest Release: “KEEP IT SIMPLE!” (Single), Feb 14th, 2024, via 777 Music, “DRUG” (Single), Jan 10th, 2024, via 777 Music

Upcoming Shows: LA March 24th. Incoming... Denver and headline, stay on the lookout!

About: crêpe girl is the solo project of Eliza Grégoire. The French-American artist initially gained notice from music fans by selling her homemade crêpes at concerts. But it is crêpe girl’s songs - catchy, crisp and cheerful - that are satisfying the appetites of music fans hungering for delicious, enlivening pop tunes.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024:My EP ’STARGAZING’ comes out March 22nd! So excited to release this project. I had a lot of fun making it in Norway with my friend Bob Junior!

What women musicians inspire you? So many! Clairo, girl in red, the HAIM sisters, MUNA, Sade, the list goes on. 


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Elyse Therose

Photo: Laurel Jeffreys

Band Lineup: Erin Elyse Jeffreys (she/her) - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2023 (rebooted from 2014)

Latest Release: "In My Head" (Single), Sept. 15, 2023, Self-Released

About: Synthy alt rock that might give you a little ‘90s nostalgia is one way to describe it. Elyse Therose is the solo moniker of singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Erin Elyse Jeffreys. Blending elements of electronic pop and ‘90s alternative, her songs intimately explore themes of love, relationships and the human experience while channeling the likes of Phantogram, Paramore and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: I'm finishing up new music and excited to share my next release in April. I also started working with some talented Denver musician friends to bring this project to a live setting. We played our first show in February at Skylark Lounge and will be adding more Colorado dates this year. Our next show will be announced soon, and I can't wait because it's with some of my personal Local 303 favorites!

What women musicians inspire you? 

  • Lynn Gunn (PVRIS)
  • Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson (H.E.R.)
  • Sia
  • Marisa Dabice (Mannequin Pussy)


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Lisa Finck

Photo: Sydney Jade

Band Lineup:
Lisa Finck (she/her) - Vocalist and Songwriter

Live Band Lineup Includes:  
Nick Schell (they/them) - Drums
Haley Belle (she/her) - Bass
Aiden De La Torre (he/him) - Lead Guitar

Colorado Home: Denver 

Formed: I have been writing music since I was 15, and I started playing live with a band in 2022. My new project, which I started writing in January, is a reflection of who I have become and who I am becoming. It offers a vision of a completely new era where I can express my deep love for sharing music and bringing people together through it. This project emerged from the exploration of femininity and the experiences of being a young woman in a world with expectations. It dives into the journey of striving for success while also longing for self actualization. The masks we as women often wear to be treated as equals or to feel 'enough' can often be daunting and challenging. My music has now taken a new direction, aiming to empower girls, women, and all individuals to feel a sense of belonging and to reject the idea of letting others define them. Through my music, I hope to inspire people to dance their heart out, to dress as they please, and to embrace their true selves. Ultimately, I want my music to convey the message that the opinions of others hold no weight, and that we know ourselves better than anyone else! 

Latest Release: “Sleepover”, April 2021, Self Released and “Love me Land”, February 2021, Self Released. I also featured on “Cherry Pie”, May 2022, Self Released

Upcoming Shows: April 27, 2024 at Mercury Café, 7:00 p.m. With Band and Lauren Podjun 

About: Lisa Finck is an electrifying singer/songwriter who aims to make people feel something through her music, whether it's happiness, anger, or the desire to cry while eating a tub of ice cream. Her music is crafted to transport listeners into a realm of introspection and self-discovery. Originating from Miami, Florida, with Brazilian roots, Lisa's upbringing was empowered with eclectic sounds of Brazilian Rock intertwined with the pop music of the 90s and 2000s. Her passion for creating authentic melodies, coupled with her vocal training, has helped her music career grow, and she is excited about her new projects and upcoming releases. Lisa loves to blend genres and refuses to adhere to expectations, ensuring her music remains as unique and vibrant as her personality.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: I'm working on releasing some new singles this year! Currently, I'm collaborating on projects with my band and also working on some solo songs. Drawing inspiration from my early life and the vibrant world of pop and pop/rock, I'm in the process of recording a dance pop single infused with the energetic vibes of the 2000s, adding a touch of edginess. My goal is to inspire people to feel comfortable in their own skin and to create music that allows them to escape reality. I am passionate about inspiring others to discover their true selves and feel more confident through music. Ultimately, I just want to make people feel something.

What women musicians inspire you? 
Suki Waterhouse
Britney Spears
Miley Cyrus
Aretha Franklin
Amy Winehouse
Ariana Grande
Carole King


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Lonely Choir

Photo: Rodney Baldwin

Band Lineup: 
Rachael McCuaig (she/her)- Lead Vocals, Guitar
Meg Rice (she/her)- Back up Vocals, Upright Bass
Adam Petty- Guitar

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2022

Latest Release: Get Goin', February 2024

Upcoming Shows: 
Boulder Film Fest March 2nd
Local 303 Meetup, Hi-Dive, March 25th
Atrium Fort Collins March 29th

About: Lonely Choir is an alternative-folk band fronted by Rachael McCuaig based in Denver, Colorado. Lonely Choir's sound has elements of indie, singer- songwriter, and folk. Humor and pain flow from her lyrics, evoking laughter, tears, or both. They are set to release their second EP August of 2024.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: We are excited to be recording a second EP this year, set to release in August!

What women musicians inspire you? Adrianne Lenker, Angel Olsen, Taylor Swift


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Louise, Lately

Photo: Morwenna Borden

Band Lineup: Abigail Feldman (she/her) - vocals, guitar, piano

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2018

Latest Release: A Garden at the End of the World (Album), December 2nd, 2023, Self-Released

About: If 2018’s Young God EP was the beginning, and 2020’s ‘RUMPUS’ a tumultuous musical deep dive into youth, then ‘A Garden at the End of the World,’ debut full length LP from indie-folk artist Louise, Lately, is a goodbye of sorts. "While the ocean sings outside our door, end times babe, this time for sure," Louise sings on the album’s lead single, ‘End Times, Baby’,  and the LP, ten songs in total, invokes imagery of beauty and life persisting even in the harshest of environments.‘A Garden’ is a reimagining of endings as something softer, more tender. The record, written solely by Abigail Feldman (the singer/songwriter behind Louise, Lately) came to life at Golden Bear studios over the course of two years, and from its inception the project was an extremely personal one. “You say things will all make sense some day,” she sings on the gut wrenching ‘Metastatic', the wailing strings perfectly accompanying her emotional turmoil. In ‘Albatross’, Louise tries vulnerability on like an ill-fitting garment, “You know me and how I play my cards close to my chest, a statue in a garden,” something she wants but cannot fully express to a lover. In ‘Escapism’ she details a revisionist fantasy of a life free from outside scrutiny or pressures, expressing a secret longing to “Vanish in the fog, mass hallucination,”. The album's closing track, ‘Alpine Forget Me Not’, is as delicate and persistent as the small mountain flower it’s named after - “We’ll never go back if we don’t want to,” Louise sings, mournful and celebratory at the same time,  In pulling true reflections of sorrow, longing, joy and loss from the depths of her psyche and holding them up for her listeners to reflect on, she seems to suggest that maybe the listening is just as important as what we take away.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: I'm very excited to announce my spring and summer shows, some with a full band! There also may or may not be a music video coming out very soon ;)

What women musicians inspire you? The mother of folk songwriting, unique guitar tunings, and painting beautiful song pictures with her lyrics, Joni Mitchell. Nina Simone, Dolores O'Riordan, Annie Lennox, Joan Baez, and Kate Bush, just to name a few more.


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Photo: Jerrett Bennett 

Band Lineup: Madeline Johnston 

Colorado Home: Trinidad

Formed: 2015

Latest Release: "it's ok 2 lie 2 me" b/w "Andy" - by Midwife and Nyxy Nyx (7" released by Blight. Records)

Upcoming Shows:
Sunday March 24th in Florence, CO at Desert Reef Hot Spring. (pre-purchased tickets required via
Monday March 25th in Denver, CO at Squirm Gallery. 

About: Madeline Johnston is a self taught multi-instrumentalist and recording engineer, currently based in Southern Colorado. Midwife began in 2014 while Madeline was a resident of the beloved DIY space Rhinoceropolis in Denver. She has released three albums with The Flenser, most recently, Luminol (2021), which received National and International acclaim. On stage, Johnston is known for her sparse, emotionally charged experimental pop music that can silence a room. On record, she produces intricate and lush sonic environments in her own little corner of the heavy music scene. She describes her sound as "Heaven Metal," AKA emotional music about devastation: catharsis. Johnston writes primarily about grief, and the many faces it can inhabit.

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: My new album will be coming out later this year through the Flenser, and I have several more tours TBA.

What musicians inspire you? My friends and collaborators. We fuel each other, and learn and grow together. I primarily work with women, trans, and non-binary artists. I've been really inspired by everyone I have collaborated  with over the past several years: Vyva Melinkolya, body/negative, Allison Lorenzen, Fainting Dreams, Nora Mal, Ethel Cain, & Kathryn Mohr. 


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Photo: Gypsy Haze

Band Lineup: Sunshiiine

Colorado Home: Longmont

Formed: 2017

Latest Release: “Scriptures” released 2022 (hip-hop). Coming in Summer 2024, “Black House” (house/hip hop) Produced by Raba Beats.

About: Born and raised in south Florida. Sunshiiine uprooted and relocated to Colorado to expand her sound. With her roots in southern dance, hip hop and reggae she’s now dabbling in house music and other alternative genres to make her music more universal. Check out her collaborations released under her very own label “Oh Dat So Flo” and look out for her new music dropping this summer to hear how her style has evolved. 

What women musicians inspire you? Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah, H.E.R, Omeretta, Tierra Whack

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Photo: John Mueller, courtesy of the artist
Photo: John Mueller

Colorado Home: Denver

Formed: 2020

Latest Release: "Opera Disco" (Single), 2/29, self released

Upcoming Shows: 
March 7, Skylark Lounge, Denver 
March 13, Ramble Hotel, Denver 

About: Showcasing her operatic background through a pop lens, Uhl makes dynamic music that is as informed by Mozart and Puccini as it is by art pop divas Kate Bush and Annie Lennox. The results are enigmatic, dramatic, and transportive and will  appeal to fans of contemporaries like Weyes Blood, Perfume Genius, and Cate Le Bon. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: 2024 is going to be rich with new music... I can say that much. 

What women musicians inspire you? My work is deeply informed by the music I was raised on, which was a wide variety of artists but most informatively the divas of the 80's and 90's. Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Sinead O’Connor, Elizabeth Fraser, Enya. Just to name a few... 

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Zoë Coz

Photo: Bella Layer

Band Lineup: Zoë Coz (she/they) - guitar, lead vocals, songwriter

Colorado Home: Edgewater

Formed: Zoë Coz is a solo project that formed in CT in 2020 and has been continuing in Denver, CO since 2022. 

Latest release: “9 to 5” (single), February 9, 2024, Self-Released. Produced by Bryce Menchaca

About: Zoë Coz is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Farmington, CT. Blending indie folk with rock and grunge influences, Coz creates a unique sound that reflects the authenticity of her writing. A lyricist at heart, Coz writes imagery-based songs that are filled with empathy and soul. Her ability to connect with a live audience is unmatched due to her genuine nature. Pulling inspiration from songwriters and artists like Adrianne Lenker, Nirvana, Death Cab for Cutie, Hole, and Dave Matthews, Coz expertly blends creative lyricism with intricate arrangements. Her latest single “9-5” is an upbeat folk-pop tune reflecting on a past relationship. Coz is currently living in Denver, CO, where she gigs frequently and is working on her debut EP. 

Any upcoming plans to share or behind the scenes work you're excited to tell us about for 2024: I am currently working on producing two more singles and an EP!! The project is expected to come out summer of 2024.

What women musicians inspire you? Adrianne Lenker, The Sundays, Feist, Fiona Apple

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