Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration
Jenny Gentry
Bachelor’s degree in business management, University of Denver.

Professional Background:
Gentry managed the grant and contract accounting office at the University of Denver until 1983. Since then, she has directed the finances and legal affairs of CPR. She has served on numerous national panels in public radio, and consulted with public radio stations across the country on a variety of financial and business matters.

Q & A

How and why I came to CPR:
I was working at the University of Denver in the early 80s. As part of my job, I did all of the accounting and grant reporting for KCFR, so I have known Max (CPR President) for more than thirty years! He was working on establishing the station as an independent entity from the university, and asked me if I’d be interested in continuing to do the accounting and grant reporting full-time. I came on staff in 1984, and helped set up all of the business systems to establish a new, independent organization.

Since then, I’ve worked on many exciting projects, all for the purpose of expanding our program service. These have included a merger, several acquisitions, and several financings – including presentations on Wall Street to obtain the first ever investment-grade credit rating to a public broadcasting organization (which we have maintained). I was also project manager to move CPR into the Bridges Broadcast Center, which was a lot of work but very fun to learn all about acoustics and space planning!