More Staff Members

Susan Cole
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Max Wycisk
President Emeritus


Frank Albert
Gift Officer

Joel Belik
Broadcast/IT Engineer

Leslie Faulkner
Account Manager

Jeanette Hohman
Senior Account Manager


Irvin Coffee
Videographer / Photographer

Peter Creamer
Board Op / Producer

Lauralyn Duff
Senior Producer Development

Matthew Hancock
Technical Operations Specialist

Matt Herz
Director, News Production

Michael Hughes
Production Manager, Colorado Matters

Jeff Jansen
Technical Operations Center Manager

Pedro Lumbrano
Audio Engineer

Daniel Mescher
Audio Producer

Sam Opp
Technical Operations Specialist

Justin Peacock
Audio Producer/Recording Engineer

Josh Rodriguez
Technical Operations Specialist

Shane Rumsey
Broadcast and Sound Engineer

Cara Schiff
Production Assistant

Andrew Shaw
Senior Fundraising Producer

Martin Skavish
Recording Engineer / Audio Producer

Tessema Tessema
Technical Operations Specialist

Saren Whalen
Technical Operations Specialist


Linda Heider
Listener Services Coordinator

Cayla Montoya-Manzo
Events and Promotions Coordinator

Maria Juliana Pinzón
Senior Graphic Designer

Clara Shelton
Senior Specialist, Marketing & Communications

Brittany Werges
Director, Partnerships and Promotions

Arielle Wilson
Lead Listener Services Coordinator


Andy Bennett
Salesforce Administrator

Jonathan Finger
Lead Web Developer

Carlos Flores
Web Developer

Kim Nguyen
Digital Platforms Director

Eric Roberts
Salesforce Product Owner

Alec Sanderson
Salesforce CRM Administrator

Troy Vitullo
Software Engineering Manager

Lindsay Poehlmann
Project Manager, Digital Products


Katie Biscoe
Executive Director, Leadership Giving

Sue Coughlin
Senior Director, Donor Relations

Megan Fevurly
Foundation Relations Officer

Laura Jepsen
Director, Donor Relations

McCarter Harris Shaver
Associate Director, Donor Relations

Karen Stern
Director, Donor Relations

Christine Tesmer
Senior Director, Donor Relations

Daniel Varela
Leadership Giving Associate

Joann Wooley
Leadership and Legacy Giving Officer


April Gain
Membership Data Processor

Emma Mackoy
Membership Data Specialist

Mike Marzen
Director of Development Services

Aileen Waski
Membership Giving Specialist


Marketa Dixon
Digital Fundraising Specialist

Jen Hitt
Fundraising Producer

Jason Mohr
Membership Director

Becky Morgan
On-Air Fundraising Manager

Christine O’Connell
Member Communication and Engagement Associate

Sarah Thompson
Fundraising Manager


Annie Campbell
Senior Account Manager

Tod Cavey
Manager of Local and Regional Support

Julie Fendrich
Senior Account Manager

Kim Flynn
Senior Account Manager

David Gomez
Traffic Director

Kat King
Digital Sales Support Administrator

Mark McCain
Senior Account Manager

Nancy Pienkowski
Underwriting & Traffic Administrator

C.J. Railsback
Corporate Support Director

Maria Ramon O’Brien
Senior Account Manager

Aimee Svenneby
Senior Account Manager

Julie Turken
Regional & National Support Manager

Nicole Wilkosz
Senior Account Manager


Sheridan Ash
Senior Administrative Assistant

Helena Davis
Senior Administrative Assistant

Greer Hancock
Administrative Office Manager


Amanda Anderson
Senior Recruiter

Isabelle Perez Santos
Compensation Benefits Specialist

Eric Silva
Student Development Program Manager

Adriana Villanueva
HR Coordinator


Dave Dieter
Senior RF Engineer

Dean Phannenstiel
Vice President, Engineering

Ronald Zastrow
Broadcast / IT Engineer

Jon Zucco
Broadcast / IT Engineer


John Bigwood
Senior Web Developer

Christopher Cross
Linux Systems Network Administrator

Don Dixon
Vice President, New Media & Technology

Stace Johnson
Manager of Technology Infrastructure & Support

Joe Pestovich
Help Desk Technician

Sarah Torralva
Junior Administrator and Technical Support Specialist

Michael Weindorf
Junior Administrator and Technical Support Specialist