Musician’s Resource Guide

Brent Cowles live in Dime Denver's Studio 101 with Indie 102.3's Alisha Sweeney on Friday Nov. 9 2019.

Whether you’re just getting started in the music industry or already a full-time musician, Indie 102.3 is connecting you with everything you need to know about how to make music in Colorado.

Resources during the time of coronavirus

Colorado Business Committee for the Arts
The CBCA is dedicated to advancing Colorado’s creative economy. They have listed additional resources to help artists, creative professionals and nonprofit cultural organizations manage the impact of this crisis, including a listing of databases you can add yourself to for possible future work, listing of local and national grants, and how to seek mental, legal, and help with small loans.

The Recording Academy's nonprofit branch MusiCares is dedicated towards supporting music industry professionals around the nation. They provide resources for financial support, living assistance, and entertainment funds. Right now, their efforts are focusing on musicians that may be affected by COVID-19. See the long list of resources in the link above.

Music Minds Matter
Music Minds Matter is a Colorado based nonprofit committed to supporting the brain health and mental wellness of music communities everywhere. Currently, the organization hosts free weekly digital meetups with music industry professions to talk about many topics relating to mental health.

These are the organizations that support and share our own mission to elevate Colorado-based music, musicians and experiences. If you know an organization with a similar mission that isn't listed here, please contact us.

D.I.M.E. (Denver)
DIME DENVER is custom built for serious musicians who desire a long-term, professional career in today’s music industry. The courses are designed to build strong musical foundations, which allow students to seize opportunities for long and sustained careers.  Offering free Master Class seminars with industry members and artists.

Balanced Breakfast (Denver)
Balanced Breakfast is an international organization headquartered in San Francisco with leaders in 30+ cities. They interact with fans and talent on a daily basis and help with everything from consulting to implementation.

Bohemian Foundation (Northern Colorado)
Bohemian Foundation’s Music Programs builds connections by providing music-related resources for enjoyment, personal expression, and the development and improvement of music-related talent.  

Colorado Creative Industries (Colorado)
Colorado Creative Industries, Colorado’s state arts agency, is a Division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade. The mission of the Creative Industries Division is to promote, support and expand the creative industries to drive Colorado’s economy, grow jobs and enhance quality of life. Colorado Creative Industries offers grants, awards and resources to support creative organizations in Colorado. 

Denver Arts and Venues (Denver)
Launched in 2018 with collective investment from Denver Arts & Venues and partners at Illegal Pete’s and LivWell Enlightened Health, the Denver Music Advancement Fund will provide $100,000 to support initiatives that advance the Denver Music Strategy and IMAGINE 2020 cultural plan. This fund demonstrates long-term financial and partnership opportunities to ensure that music continues to drive economic vibrancy, create a more resilient and connected city, and catalyze reinvestment in the community.

KMGLife (Boulder)
KMGLife Inc. has expanded into the education realm. KMG Academy was established in 2015 and provides a unique form of instruction in the fields of recording arts, music production and business in the music industry. Their hands-on training approach allows students to truly grasp concepts in a fully functioning recording studio, which includes eight recording studios, two production suites, lecture hall, and Ableton lab. The 6-month Recording Arts Development Program (RAD) is geared towards aspiring audio engineers and is designed to prepare one for a career in the music industry.

Levitt Pavilion (Denver)
Levitt Pavilion Denver is a nonprofit established with the purpose of building community through music. They believe in embracing the local, including the musicians, architects, staff, artists and sponsors. Levitt Pavilion Denver is more than just another music venue – it is a nexus for local nonprofits and arts groups across the Rocky Mountain region.

Music District (Ft. Collins)
The Music District in Fort Collins is a gathering place to cultivate talents, support professional development, and encourage connections. They are home to musicians, businesses, nonprofits, fans, and anyone who appreciates music. 

Swallow Hill Music (Denver)
Swallow Hill Music is a home for individuals and families who want to learn about, listen to and perform music. They want anyone and everyone to connect and experience music in their own way. Swallow Hill Music hosts exceptional musical experiences throughout the community and a music school welcomes students into an inclusive community where they make social connections through music.

Youth on Record (Denver)
With the help of Colorado's most talented and willing musicians, Youth on Record inspires at-risk youth to see the potential for a better life.