Indie 102.3’s Holiday Schedule

Mia Rincon/CPR

We’re helping you get through this [redacted] year with our holiday on-air programming. Bring a lil cheer into your life with the Especial round-up or 80’s Christmas hits or 102 of your favorite songs from 2020.

DateTime Program
Fri., Dec. 1810 p.m.More from the Local 303's Local Holiday Show
Wed., Dec. 2310 p.m.Especial Locales - Musica nueva y local with new music in 2020 from around Colorado. And a brand new single debuting from Pink Hawks, "Alibi."
Thu., Dec. 24 12 p.m.A Very '80s Christmas with Alisha Sweeney begins at noon on Christmas Eve! You'll hear wall-to-wall Christmas music from noon through to Christmas Day.
Fri., Dec. 2510 p.m.More From The Local 303's Best of Colorado Music 2020.
Mon., Dec. 28All-dayIndie 102.3 hosts share their 2020 musical favorites throughout the day, getting ready for the Top 102.3 Songs of 2020 Countdown on New Year's Eve, chosen by you.
Wed., Dec. 3010 p.m. Especial Covers y Colaboraciones - Who covered who and who worked with who featuring Helado Negro, Lido Pimienta y 2MX2.
Thu., Dec. 3110 p.m.Top 102.3 Songs of 2020 Countdown, as chosen by listeners. The countdown begins at 10 p.m. and continues throughout the New Year's Weekend.
Fri., Jan. 1Dance Yourself Clean begins after the Top 102.3 Countdown through 6 a.m. Kick off 2021 right!