Indie Event Submission Guidelines

Indie 102.3 has opened our Concert Calendar for submissions from musicians, performing arts organizations and promoters. You will now be able to directly submit your event, and also provide additional pertinent information beyond the required fields.

Indie 102.3 staff will need to approve the event before it gets posted.

We will accept submissions for nonprofit as well as for-profit events.

Please respect the limit of 10 events per organization per month. For recurring events, daily recurring events have a limit of 2 weeks, weekly recurring events will be limited to 3 months, and monthly recurring events will be limited to 6 months.

Indie 102.3 does not specifically endorse or recommend any products or services listed on this calendar nor does the station receive any compensation, financial or otherwise, for any of the listings.

Our intent is to offer a calendar of events we feel will be of interest to our community of listeners.

Previous submission guidelines for content still apply. Events must not promote / advocate anything of a religious or partisan political nature.

The further in advance of an event you can submit your information, the better the chance it will make it on to the calendar (provided it meets all guidelines and is approved by station staff).

Indie 102.3 reserves the right to decline any event submission. Indie 102.3 is also not liable for erroneous information that may get posted ie: wrong dates, times or addresses.