Discovering the latest music and news you love is now easier than ever. If you own a smart speaker, you can tune into CPR’s news and music with just a simple voice command.

Want to hear a live stream of CPR News, Classical or OpenAir? It's simple:

Stream CPR's stations from your Smart Speaker with these commands:

"Play Colorado Public Radio News" to hear CPR News.

"Play Colorado Public Radio Classical" or "Play CPR Classical" to hear CPR Classical.

"Play KVOQ" or "Play CPR OpenAir" to hear CPR's OpenAir.

Note: For Amazon Smart Speakers, you can say "Hey Alexa, Play Colorado Public News" for a live stream of CPR News. 

For Google Smart Speakers, you can say "Ok Google, Play Colorado Public Radio Live Stream" to hear a live stream of CPR News. 



New from Colorado Public Radio: A NewsFlash Briefing is available for any Amazon-enabled or Google Home Assistant smart speaker! Note that the feed is updated from 6 am - 7 pm Mountain Standard Time. 

For Amazon Users: 

First, you must have an Alexa Enabled Device, like an Amazon Echo or a Dot. 

Then, log into your Alexa Dashboard via the web or your mobile device. 

Search for CPR News in the 'Skills Section' then Enable the skill

With your Colorado Public Radio NewsBreif skill now enabled, it's ready to use!

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Try it out: You can now ask Alexa: "Hey Alexa, What's in the news?" and "Hey Alexa, What's my Flash Briefing?"





For Google Home Users: 

Setup your Google Home Assistant through Google's App, available on Android and iPhone devices.

Search for "Ask About News Stories"  and look for the "Manage News Sources" button. 

CPR Staff

Scroll down the list of news sources, and find the CPR News Logo. Enable it by checking the box. 

When you head back to your News homescreen, you'll see CPR News FlashBriefing has been added! 

You're now able to access CPR's NewsFlash Briefing from your smart speaker!