Donate Real Estate

Colorado Public Radio accepts donations of Real Estate, through a partnership with Realty Gift Fund (RGF). You can start the donation process by calling RGF directly at 505-309-0811 or learn more online.

For answers to frequently asked questions check out the FAQ’s below. If you have additional questions, just give us a call at 800-722-4449!

Is my donation of real estate tax deductible?

If I sell my property, I will owe significant taxes.  Do I avoid these taxes through a donation?

What types of property will you accept?

What are the steps in a gift of real estate?

How much will Colorado Public Radio receive from the sale of a donated property?

Who determines the value of my tax deduction?

Does the property have to be located in Colorado?

Can I donate a property with an existing mortgage?

Can I be paid some cash for the property and donate the rest as a charitable contribution?

Can I donate a property that needs a few repairs?

What do you need to know about my property?