Matt Murray, Dept Chief Denver Police Department, responds to media questions regarding a lawsuit filed by the Denver Police Protective Association.

(Ben Markus/CPR News)

Denver's largest police union has filed a lawsuit alleging that the city's body camera policies are illegal because officials failed to seek input from officers when developing them.

Members of the Denver Police Protective Association said Wednesday that they don't oppose the cameras but want to be included in decisions about how they should be used. The organization filed a lawsuit saying the city violated rules requiring negotiation with officers about safety equipment such as the cameras.

Union officials say they generally support body cameras as a tool to promote accountability and officer safety. But they say a program adopted in September was hasty, and the technology won't be effective if officers don't trust city policies.

Deputy Chief Matt Murray says officers were involved in a pilot program, and the department will unroll the cameras as planned.

"There’s lawsuits all the time, the courts have their job, and we will respect that process," Murray said. "And we also have things we have to do, and certainly we will react appropriately if the courts tell us to stop."

Denver's first body cams are scheduled to deploy by the end of the year.