A course in the drone racing league MultiGP.

This story originally aired on Feb. 1, 2017.

Jordan Temkin of Fort Collins says he's among the first-ever professional drone racers. Temkin earned a one-year salary, starting January 1, to train and travel to races after winning the 2016 Drone Racing League championship, which was broadcast on ESPN. 

Temkin says racing a drone is an out-of-body experience, because racers wear goggles that continuously feed video from the drone as it whips through obstacles on the racetrack. He says his personal drone can go up to 96 miles per hour.

Jordan Temkin, sporting goggles he wears during drone races.

(Courtesy of Jordan Temkin)

Temkin explained professional drone racing -- and why it's a sport -- to Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.