Jasmine Colgan travels the country to photograph people with vitiligo.

(Courtesy Jasmine Colgan/Photo by Mark Tolbert)

When the skin disorder vitiligo began stripping pigment from Jasmine Colgan's skin six years ago, she got depressed. In an effort to get more comfortable with her changing appearance, she began taking photos of herself. Then, she says, she got "bored with my skin," and took to social media to contact other people with the condition.  Now she travels the country taking their pictures for her blog, Tough Skin. Colgan, who lives in Arvada, tells Colorado Matters the blog's name was inspired by her grandmother.

Colgan's tattoo marks the progression of her vitiligo. 

(CPR News/Ryan Warner)

Colgan photographed Angela, a teacher, after meeting her in an airport.

(Jasmine Colgan)

Another of Colgan's subjects, Brian, runs a YouTube site in New York.

(Jasmine Colgan)