Colorado’s economy is growing faster than almost any other state in the nation with the state's GDP expanding 3 percent in the first quarter of 2018.

(Nathaniel Minor/CPR News)

If your dreams for the Denver of the future include more public transportation, housing and diversity, you share the same goals as Denveright. The new series of city plans unveiled this week span the next 20 years, setting expectations for the Mile High City. 

Mayor Michael Hancock talked to Colorado Matters about what Denveright goals for a "equitable and inclusive" city and first-choice public transportation options would actually entail.

Denver residents can review and respond to the city's plans online through Oct. 31, or at a community event on Tuesday, Aug. 28. After Oct. 31, the drafts will be revised based on community suggestions before the Denver City Council reviews the plans in early 2019.