This spring Alisha's taking Mile High Noon on the road to travel around our community and get to know what Colorado music you're listening to. It's a weekly Guest DJ series where listeners get to choose the music, with one condition: you have to teach her something in return!

Moss Pink's Jil Schlisner with Alisha Sweeney

(Photo: CPR / OpenAir)

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, I decided to step up my game and buy my mom a thoughtful bouquet! I approached the proprietress of Moss Pink Flora & Botanicals Jil Schlisner because I appreciate her creativity, and I knew she could help me put together an arrangement to capture my mom's personality.

I first met Jil at a wedding for Warlock Pinchers' Andrew Novick and I instantly loved her style: particularly her hair, clothes, and the beautiful floral arrangements she helped create. She's a huge supporter of all things local and I've seen her at concerts, art openings and comedy shows over the years.

(Photo: CPR / OpenAir)

Her beautiful shop in Park Hill is full of fragrant, colorful and unique flowers and botanicals. And her stories! First, she's an expert and knows the backstory on the flowers she carries. Secondly, what was most fun about being in her shop was she shared some great stories about the bands she chose for her guest DJ session while we walked through her shop picking out flowers for my mom.




  • John Grant- "Sensitive New Age Guy"
  • 16 Horsepower- "For Heaven's Sake"
  • Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats- "Trying So Hard Not To Know"
  • Magic Cyclops- "Teen Pregnancy Don't Do It (Denver Version)"
  • Ending People- "Mouthful"

I discovered that my mother's flower personality is classic, and that flowers found in a "grandmother's backyard" best suit her. Make sure to listen to this feature to find out which flower Jil says matches my personality! Thanks Moss Pink for the education and great time!  

A (very) young Alisha Sweeney and her mother

Happy Mother's Day to my mom who is selfless and rarely slowed down to get her photo taken because she was always putting her children first and chasing us around! She still remains as dedicated to us even though we are four grown adults and also enjoys being a grandmother, for which she is a natural.

Moss Pink Flora & Botanicals is at 4615 E. 23rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80207


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