Local musician Ian Cooke and animator Adam Singer are releasing an animated short film inspired by Cooke's original song "Cassowary and Fruit Bat".

Two years in the making, this endeavor culminates with a celebration at the SIE Film Center hosted by the Denver Film Society on Thursday, October 10. The event will include an intimate performance by Cooke. With the help of the Greater Than Collective, the local artists will also release a children's book based on the short film along with a CD/DVD set that includes the piece and other material, such as a documentary by Ian O'Dougherty chronicling the artistic process.

"Cassowary and Fruit Bat" tells the unlikely love story bewteen the two titular creatures, with lyrics inspired by an exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. 

Cooke and O'Dougherty visited OpenAir in anticipation of the release to chat with host Corey Jones on Mile High Noon. Listen to the segment HERE.

Below is the trailer for the animated short.