Denver's own Princess Music made their OpenAir debut recently, gracing our performance studio with selections from their vast catalog of songs. The band, led by Tyler Ludwick, carries a lot of whimsy in their musical arrangements and lyrics.

Morning Show host Alisha sat down with them to find out how the band earned their name, their thoughts on the childrens' storybook Wind in the Willows, running local label Long Spoon Records, what 2012 brings (including a trip to Iceland!) and more. They also shared four beautiful songs, both  old and new. 

Our interview exclusive includes the full-length version of the band's visit, so if you heard the broadcast on-air, this bonus version gets you about 15 more minutes. Interview and in-studio includes songs: "Morning Song," "Fanciful Erections," "Hatchet," and "Sprinkler."