"OpenAir Live & Local" is now in its fifth season on Colorado Public Television (CPT12). The season finale features performances from Denver indie pop band Wildermiss, singer-songwriter and Lumineers member Stelth Ulvang and hip-hop duo The Reminders.

Episode 12 of Season 5, hosted by Bruce Trujillo, includes:

  • Wildermiss: "Pieces"
  • Kerstan Wallace: "So Strange"
  • Mount Orchid: "When She Wakes Up"
  • GVgrace: "40 Days"
  • Stelth Ulvang: "Left Side"
  • The Reminders: "Unstoppable"

“OpenAir Live & Local” airs Saturdays at 9:30 p.m. on CPT12. Check out the full schedule for season five, which runs through April 2019. 

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