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After Years on the Road, Hinds Are Wiser and Stronger on ‘I Don’t Run’

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Photo: Hinds publicity photo

The members of the Spanish group Hinds met the same way lots of bands do: at rock concerts. Bassist Ade Martin says she and her bandmates used to stay up all night at shows in their hometown of Madrid.

"All of our friends are in rock 'n' roll bands or have something to do with music," she says. "Even before the band, we knew what that kind of life was like. Drugs, going out every day. Doesn't matter if it's a Tuesday or a Saturday."

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The music on the quartet’s debut album reflects that party lifestyle. It’s full of lighthearted, upbeat songs about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Martin is even drinking a beer on the album’s cover photo.

She says they were a little naive back when that photo was taken.

"We hadn't had a band before so everything was so exciting," she says. "That’s why the record had that cool part about it. These four girls having fun and trying to get used to that life."

Hinds recently released its second album, “I Don’t Run.” And not every song is about having fun. The lyrics of songs like opening track “The Club” show the less glamorous side of the rock ‘n’ roll life.

That change in tone came through more experience as a touring band. Hinds spent two years playing hundreds of clubs and festivals around the world. Martin says the band saw what can happen when the party life gets out of hand.

"You see people drowning a lot," she says. "We have friends that, because of having that kind of lifestyle, their bands are ending. We knew that's not what we wanted."

So they made sure to avoid the same pitfalls. That meant cutting back on late nights, practicing harder and eating at different places.

Martin says those lessons made their way onto the new album.

"We learned everything touring," she says. "You can see it in the lyrics, you can see it in the music, you can see it in the mixing, you can see it everywhere. This album, it came out of touring."

Those long tours can undermine lots of rock bands. For Hinds, they made them stronger. And “I Don’t Run” shows they’re here to stay.

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