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DeVotchKa teams up with the Boulder Philharmonic for an epically unique show

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31min 38sec

DeVotchka has been a mainstay Colorado band for almost two decades. Known for their quirky instrumentalism and playful storytelling, their art has been celebrated beyond concert venues and has dazzled audiences in the theatre and on the big screen. Now, DeVotchKa takes on a new venture: performing alongside the Boulder Philharmonic. To learn more about the momentous collaboration members Nick Urata, Jeanie King, and Tom Hagerman chat with Boulder Philharmonic Executive Director Sara Parkinson ahead of their May 6th show. Also, watch as DeVotchKa performs a few songs from the arrangements spanning their expansive discography including a cover and the famous Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack.

Songs performed:

  • "Hot Burrito #1" cover by The Flying Burrito Brothers
  • "Done With Those Days"
  • "Along the Way"
  • "How It Ends"


Host: Alisha Sweeney

Producer and Digital Editor: Demi Harvey

Videographer: Irvin Coffee

Mixer: Justin Peacock