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Edison Returns To CPR’s OpenAir To Share Music From Their Debut Album

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

Since visiting the CPR Performance Studio in April 2015, the Denver band Edison has expanded to a three-piece, signed to a new record label and toured the U.S.

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Some locations on their journeys -- the Arizona desert, the Chesapeake Bay and the Colorado mountains -- inspired their debut album, "Familiar Spirit," which came out last week.

Edison returned to CPR's OpenAir last month to perform three songs off the new album. They also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about the band's expansion, their decision to sign with Rhyme & Reason Records and why a camera crew has been following the band all summer.

Stream the session and watch Edison perform "Tie Me Down" above. Read interview highlights and watch more videos below.

Singer and guitarist Sarah Slaton on writing "Familiar Spirit" on the road:

"We didn't really have rehearsal space like a lot of bands have. So we just kind of wrote sometimes in hotel rooms. But that's not really conducive, especially without drums.

"So we started taking little pauses between tours. And we would pause in the area that we ended the tour. So we ended up ... going to the Chesapeake Bay. Before that we had the cabin in the Rockies."

Percussionist and mandolinist Dustin Morris on how geography affects their songs:

"Be it soothing from being in the Rocky Mountains, be it turbulent from being in the desert of Arizona, it definitely shifted the landscape of the way a lot of these sound.

"We start writing and we kind of have a visual of what we want to feel and what we want people to feel. But we can't really bring it all the way there and make it believable, at least for ourselves, without being surrounded by such environments."

Songs performed:

  • "Tie Me Down"
  • "Back And Forth"
  • "Water In The Well"

"Back And Forth"

"Water In The Well"