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FaceMan Returns To CPR’s OpenAir Following Release Of ‘Wild And Hunting’

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

Denver's FaceMan has a reputation for a wild live show. Westword gave the band's 2014 Lost Lake Lounge concert the "Best Stage Art" award for its shark-shaped stage. The trio -- which recently incorporated a horn section -- also organizes festival-sized events like the recent "100 Year Storm" at Denver's Oriental Theater, which brought together 100 Colorado acts to perform over two days.

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FaceMan recently released the album "Wild And Hunting." The band returned to the CPR Performance Studio for the first time since 2013 to play four songs from the album. They also spoke with Alicia 'Bruce' Mitchell about how they do more with less for live shows, collaborating with a horn section and working with local artists for their album cover art.

Stream the session above. Read interview highlights below.

Singer Steve Faceman on the band's lengthy recording process for "Wild And Hunting":

"The more albums you write, the harder they get. You get more mature as musicians and you're less open to releasing certain things. So you take a lot of time."

Faceman on how the band approaches live shows:

"It's just about continually trying to think of how to push the envelope from a low-budget, guerilla warfare stage production approach. People enjoy the punk rock style of having a big shark in Lost Lake."

Songs performed:

  • "Father Time"
  • "Heavy Heart"
  • "On My Way"
  • "I'll Be On Time"