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Flobots Preview Music From ‘NOENEMIES’ At CPR’s OpenAir

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<p>(Photo: CPR / Daniel Mescher)</p>

Flobots recently returned to the CPR Performance Studio to preview some music from their forthcoming album "NOENEMIES." The Denver hip-hop band explores the power of protest music on the new record. It features call-and-response choruses written to empower protesters and performed by members of the Denver community.

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The band performed three songs in the studio, backed by Denver gospel group Spirit Of Grace. The members also spoke with Alisha Sweeney about recruiting people to sing on the album, their upcoming live shows in Colorado and the themes behind songs like "Sleeping Giant."

Flobots will perform music from "NOENEMIES" with Denver dance troupe Wonderbound for a new show called "Divisions" beginning this weekend. Get the details on those shows on our event calendar.

Stream the session and watch Flobots perform "Sleeping Giant" above.

Interview highlights and more video:

Vocalist Jamie 'Jonny 5' Laurie on getting members of the Denver community to sing on the album:

"The whole thing is really just about the power of our voices when we use them together. It's something that is strangely counter-cultural in our society in the U.S. right now. ... I think everyone would say: 'Yeah, I believe in raising my voice!' But not literally.

"So we said: 'OK, let's try it out literally. Let's sing out together. Let's raise our voices together.' And once we started trying it, people could break through that pretty quickly."

Vocalist Stephen 'Brer Rabbit' Brackett on teaming up with Wonderbound:

  • "May Nothing Disturb You"
  • "Rattle The Cage"
  • "Sleeping Giant"

"May Nothing Disturb You"

"Rattle The Cage"